another eden first encounter tier list

Let’s start with her healing powers. Flame Break – Blunt attack on a single enemy and Fire type resistance -25% [3 turns]. Skyward Shock – Wind type blunt attack on a single enemy (M) + Inflict Stun. Like all staff users, she has high magic defence and can be trusted to tank magic hits. (Seal of the Sirius Wolf: Reduce enemy’s physical resistance.). Looks like the guild taught her well, as this girl is truly a fearsome foe. Additionally, her utility to inflict PWR down will allow her to fit into almost any general team. Laclair AS is a very versatile offensive unit, because she has both slash and pierce based moves. Aquatic Maelstrom – Water type magic attack on a single enemy (XL) + Intelligence of user +25% [1 turn]. On the other hand, it costs 3 times more MP than Doctrina. The benefit to this heal is that it has a measly 20 MP cost and can be used for a long time before she runs out of MP. Where are these units most useful? Unfortunately, it will not benefit from any elemental modifier. Cetie is an agent with a strong sense of justice. This gothic-looking gal is equal part as deadly as she’s good looking. This buff tremendously increases the damage potential of Renri’s moves, and is what makes her such a well-known neutral attacker. The power boost of this skill can be useful for setting up right before an AF – especially since it lasts for 2 turns, and the Poison further enhances her damage with Tri-Cataclysm. It is also to be noted that she will still fit well in a non-elemental team, which may be used against bosses in the future. I took a look at the end-game teams people posted, and consensus seems to be: ... Yeah, look at the tier list and try to mix elements in your main team at first so all the elements are covered. You guys are the best! Although Toova doesn’t bring much to a team in terms of buffs and debuffs, her ability to hit harder than most units during an AF makes her a staple unit for bosses that are weak to earth-elemental attacks. Although its damage is extremely low, this is a great skill for cases where you want to stun multiple mobs at once, and could be used for certain content such as region.]. She probably has the third-highest single target damage in the game. > Much like many mages, she suffers from a lack of SPD as well as DEF. Myrus is usable in a variety of teams, due to her simplistic skills of generally setting up physical defence buffs and healing. The only thing you need to care a lot when it comes to Shigure is his MP management. There are many cases where a boss will have multiple AoE attacks – in which case his Rage debuff becomes useless. Fontaine is a symbolic ability that improves the water attack of your party members for three rounds. However, this also means that he loses two of his best attacks against anything that may resist fire, and will have to rely on spamming his defence break skill. Fascinating Saga is the boosted version of the Charming Dance, but it also costs a lot more MP and the Epic Tale is the ultimate version, dealing the best damage, reducing the biggest percentage of water resistance, while also being extremely costly. It is also her only blunt skill, as her other skills have pierce attribute. Nvm, Nagi is a squid girl…. Soul Thief – Slash attack on all enemies (XL) and Restore user’s HP. Heavenly Dance – Wind type slash attack on a single enemy x3 (XL). And the Oasis Wave is a slash that affects all foes and it has a really powerful impact. It’s applicable in offense against any team, and in defense just in case your opponents are inflicting nasty conditions. Physical Resistance of all allies +35% (1 turn). Binding Ice – Intelligence of all enemies -15% and Speed -15% [3 turns]. Excellent for boss battles, as all of his skills target one foe, but he is bad at any fights with multiple foes. A good skill to use right before an AF. You will receive the option to choose between these characters, so I definitely suggest that you will go for Ciel, because he is a pretty useful 4* character! Because the difference is not that prominent, and we might do injustice to them, and we wouldn’t fancy this. Most of her attacks involve water, and they are all slash by type. He is my spirit animal. Blast Elysium is dealing some solid wind damage and it boosts your next attack to 100% critical, setting you up to some really devastating scenarios. This girl will beat you like a drunken dad after a bad poker night with his homies. Aqua Spread that’s attacking all foes and the Hypnoblizzard that’s focused on one target, but it’s much more powerful. She doesn’t have a game-changing valor chant, but it can be useful in some particular situations. Itto-Ryu: Dazzle reduces the power of the enemy it hits for three turns, but the amount is truly miserable. It’s said that she is hunting for one particular dragon for a year, but it’s a mystery why him, or why for that long. Toova is able to passively deal earth damage to enemies, which is a great asset in long fights where you need to conserve MP and cannot repeatedly use skills. > Jack of all trades but master of none; She has a bit of everything but none of them are particularly outstanding. While she actually deals good damage, there are (and will be) other wind character with better synergy and damage potential. if you want to recruit a powerful enemy in your team, you have to fight them. The INT buff and regen on this is so small that it is used as a set-up skill for her two main buff/debuff moves. > Options to deal with single target or multiple target fights, > Increasing damage potential of fire and slash allies greatly. > As a fist user his MP pool is very low. Levia’s most commonly used multi-hit skill. Hurtling Edge is decreasing the foes’ wind resist for three turns while dealing some slashing damage (no wind). Although she is not as versatile alone, she is an important asset for this one specific type of team. Wind Smash is similar to the Smash Down, with a difference that it doesn’t inflict stun and it’s a wind type, even the cost is the same. This is Dewey’s main attacking skill to be used in AF–a straightforward skill that deals more damage with his water-type buff skill and water resistance down VC. He will stay a powerful attacker staple for water-based teams. Apart from her 50% fire resistance, her skills are not particularly outstanding and her single-target damage is pretty lackluster. Instead, we will focus on the 4* and 5* ones. A fire-elemental support/attacker who applies various buffs and debuffs while attacking. A practical debuff because it has 100% land rate against all enemies; The low MP cost also allows it to be used in tandem with her other support skills easily. With the aid of other units’ AoE skill or auto attacks, this allows him to reliably clear VH ADs without struggling at all. The ability to debuff both PWR and INT with 100% accuracy makes it an overwhelmingly powerful tool against certain bosses. Ilulu is a wind-elemental attacker who is best known for her skill that deals more damage when she is at full HP. Increased effect when Seal of the Sirius Wolf is attached. Mahagaru is the basic elemental attack Morgana has, it’s a wind magic attack that attacks all enemies and deals some bonus DMG if the targets are inflicted with poison. > Units will only have three slots, so you must plan ahead to decide which colour card will be best suited for the content you are tackling, and then bring the corresponding set-up skill(s). It will also increase physical damage output of your team significantly. However, due to his self-buff for physical defence, he could be left out front to tank specific hits by himself while the rest of the team heals up in the back row. > Aldo has a low MP pool like all other sword units, so repeated use of Dragon God Slash may drain him quickly, especially since it requires a high upkeep as it lasts for one turn. Additionally, the SPD down on this VC may help your team to outspeed and one-shot enemies, mitigating the damage the enemies could have dealt. This VC also stacks well with her Howling Surge skill. She is a great unit against horrors thanks to her many crowd-control skills, and she can still deal decent damage while landing debuffs. Being a low MP-cost move, even with his low MP pool Bertrand is able to inflict Rage on enemies over and over again, ensuring that your team is well protected.

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