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No one knows exactly how Davis will fit into the Jets defense or how they’ll use him. Trumbull believes that, for Davis, running track in addition to playing football “was a way to work on speed and stay in shape.” However, during the college recruiting process, Davis received significantly more attention from track recruiters than football recruiters. Davis, the Jets’ third-round pick, was a two-sport athlete at California, p… “I figured if there’s another person that’s just as talented as me out there and they’re smoking or drinking, I’d have a leg up naturally without even having to do anything,’’ he says. “He was always out front, he never had a problem being the first guy to jump up in a competitive situation. Sean and Christine met in high school in Santa Cruz when he was a senior and she was a freshman. One more line. One of the overriding narratives to his story is how, despite his athleticism and irrepressible drive, he’s been overlooked all his life. Davis’ ascension at Cal’s football program didn’t come as quickly, he didn’t suit up once in his first two years on campus — but it was no less impressive. 6-1, a little over 200. “I was there to play football and do what I wanted to do. “A huge part of my story was missing Ashtyn’s 11th birthday,’’ Sean says. Jets’ Ashtyn Davis — shaped by family story of addiction — achieves NFL dream. 68 overall pick Friday night, the NFL draft host provided this intro with the analysis of the pick. “Ashtyn will outwork everybody around him. “Sometimes a bad example is a good example — unfortunately,’’ Sean says with the hint of a melancholic laugh audible over the phone. With Adams now in Seattle, and the Jets reconstituting themselves to yet another rebuild, Davis has the unique opportunity to learn from two seasoned veterans (Maye and Bradley McDougald, who was acquired in the Adams trade) without the burdensome expectation of having to start immediately. Not only did it highlight an overused cliché about the famous Bay Area surf town, but it also was unfortunate, considering that Davis' dad, Sean, had a drug problem, which resulted in a rehab stint. If you look at his career at Cal and charted his progress each year, it was leaps and bounds better than the previous one. “It was really evident, just his athletic traits and how talented he was and he was just learning football, because he hadn’t come up like a lot of guys where they’re in 7-on-7 and personal trainers and all this. Jets rookie safety Ashtyn Davis makes an interception last season for Cal during a game against rival Washington. And so he was really a joy to coach and eager to learn and he did a great job for us.”. He and his father used Google to track down the person to call — Andrew McGraw, the director of operations for the football team. As a redshirt freshman, Davis played in all twelve games and started at cornerback in three, and he was awarded the J. Scott Duncan award for Most Valuable Special Teams Player.Davis’ success on special teams is a testament to his work ethic and curiosity. Davis was eyeing a football career, but he still took his track extremely seriously. “And look how it worked out,’’ Lexi says. “We grew up without our dad,’’ Ashtyn says. “On draft night, I was outside sitting on a stool watching Ashtyn through the window inside sitting on the couch,’’ Christine says. Andy Vasquez is the Jets beat writer for “A lot of players get that extra bolt of energy, say Friday night when the lights come on," said Jesse Trumbull, football coach at Santa Cruz High School. Sports is my hobby and that is all I do. But as much as he loved the game, college football coaches did not love him. “As it got later, I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t know how this is going to go.’ So, I came in and sat with him. “He used to do those five or six times a day.” Redding elaborates, “We’d be on water break, and he’d practice catching the ball and doing the flip. After junior or senior year, everyone was kind of used to it and no one was bugging me anymore. He wanted to be successful. The low point for Sean and Ashtyn became a powerful turning point. Impressive speed, quickness, stop-start ability. The Story of Ashtyn Davis’ Rise from Walk-On to Jets Safety – “You Knew He Was Going to be Special” James Kuntz breaks down Asthyn Davis’ rise from walk-on to the New York Jets by talking with the people who saw his growth first hand… When Ashtyn Davis was drafted by … One more. But even as he committed Davis made it clear that he wasn’t giving up on his football dream. When he was a child, he begged for “one more’’ toss out in the yard with anyone who’d participate until long after darkness fell on Bonny Doon, the hillside enclave bordering Santa Cruz, Calif., the site of his family’s “compound’’ as he calls it. The Post interviewed more than a dozen family members, friends, teammates and former coaches who’ve played the most significant roles in helping Davis along in his shocking and unlikely journey to the NFL. Davis didn't only compete in football while at Cal. “That’s exactly what I told him,’’ he says. “The kid always seems to fight through non-belief or doubt or adversity,” said Erik Redding, athletic director at Santa Cruz where Davis graduated from in 2014. That’s awesome.’ ’’. But those who have been watching over the years have zero doubt that he’ll find a way to make an impact. And he’s not satisfied. Davis vividly recalls the moment when he first truly believed the NFL was a possibility for him. Those words have echoed through all 23 years of Ashtyn Davis’ life. His studying of coverages and what offenses are trying to do and how they will attack him—that, to me, is the most impressive aspect of his game.”Becton emphasizes Davis’ strength of character: “I know for certain that Ashtyn Davis is a genuine, humble person. Gipson says Davis was “bothered’’ by the fact that, ahead of the draft, he wasn’t one of the 60 or so collegiate prospects for whom the league set up home video hookups to record their reactions to the broadcast once they got drafted. His best NCAA finish came in 2018 when he … "But for Ashtyn, it was Monday when practice started, it was the Saturday morning lift, the morning after a game. He also competed in track and field, competing in hurdles and sprints for the Golden Bears. What is he?" Ashtyn Davis’ sixth-grade project Lexi Davis As part of a sixth-grade art project, Davis produced the poster with a picture of Michael Strahan on it and a handwritten pledge that read: “One day …

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