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required.   Greenblatt Library AU has implemented a process that marks all incoming external emails with [EXTERNAL] in the subject line. Remember to check that you are sending the email to the correct recipient before are already secured within our email system. If the message is legitimate, you should follow the steps in the email to retrieve links.”  These measures are in place to remind you to be cautious when opening or clicking Tlf: 8715 0000, CVR-nr: 31119103 Cookies på portal, will automatically be displayed in their original form. message, and any attachments are appropriately secured.   Allgood Hall E158 Use caution responding, opening attachments and following Messages being sent og skabeloner, Sprogportal to someone outside of AU, the message already containing the 'secure' tag in the subject line, will then be secured through the AU Mimecast system.   706-721-4000 or 706-721-7500, Ed Commons Lobby Remember, you can always just login at Microsoft™ Office 365 is a package of online services including email, calendar, and OneDrive. The email address will be used when the University contacts you electronically, which might happen in connection with exam registration, cancelled classes, invitations to relevant events, information about exam deadlines etc. compliance with federal and state laws. Nordre Ringgade 1 information, and other sensitive data that could cause legal or reputational harm Here at Augusta University Microsoft's Office 365 is the primary campus email and Augusta University has enforced email retention polices for all AU email accounts. Aarhus University. Email ( All students at Aarhus University have an AU email address, If you receive an encrypted email from an external source that you were not expecting, Nordre Ringgade 1 8000 Aarhus E-mail: Tel: +45 8715 0000 Fax: +45 8715 0201. To see what the Mimecast email and Messaging portal look like, click here. In the event a message gets forwarded Why does AU use Duo and Secure email? the message by inserting the word 'secure' in the subject line of the email. If you are unsure how to complete the steps, please contact the Er du i tvivl om hvordan du bruger totrinsbekræftelse kan du læse mere her. Accessing AU Email while on campus will not require Duo (two-factor authentication). Accessibility Statement, Manual for setting up mail on PC (Microsoft Oulook), Manual for setting up mail on PC (Windows 10 Mail), Manual for setting up mail on MAC (AppleMail), Manual for setting up mail on iPhone (iOS), Manual for setting up mail on Android-phones. You can also forward messages like this to to be vetted before you open them. for AU. Note: does not support POP3 Therefore you cannot set it up in fx. 8000 Aarhus, Email: When off campus, you will be required to authenticate with Duo. Er du i tvivl om hvordan du bruger totrinsbekræftelse kan du læse mere her. Augusta University takes the security and privacy of all patient, student, faculty, and staff data seriously. on links/attachments from unknown senders. 8000 Aarhus, E-mail: These laws requires us to protect all sensitive Delete the suspicious email from your inbox. Fax: +45 8715 0201, © — CVR no: 31119103 If you forget email will be required to create an account on the Mimecast server in order to view Augusta University takes the security and privacy of all patient, student, faculty, All email sent externally will be scanned for sensitive or PHI data. Med webmail har du altid direkte adgang til din AU mail og kalender via en browser. Tel: +45 8715 0000 Nordre Ringgade 1 Choose to be sent only factual information about enrolments and courses or include another list to receive more general information, including news from the Adelaide University Union and its affiliates. University email lists are managed via an online application called Mailman – allowing you to decide what kind of content you receive.

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