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The elderly man is Duvall, now over 100. You can also check out my Kindle Worlds novels for free over at Smashwords. This helped aid in the show's aesthetic, and also helped save time when animating nighttime sequences, since they wouldn't have to paint the entire background black. "Showdown" is a creative risk. The last time we saw these goons in "Off Balance," they looked more like the early Snake Eyes designs. He's arranged for the detective to discover a tape that offers a story. Whereas in others like Dreams in Darkness and Harlequinade they're smaller with small windows in the doors that are sliding open kind. (00:19:35), Audio problem: When Rupert Thorne is saying "That file is here all right," his mouth is closed for the first four words. I've begun a new review series on Chris Claremont's 2000 return to the X-Men on my blog! Add more and vote on your favourites! "Showdown" was the 78th produced episode overall and the 13th episode produced in the second season. Hex notices that Duvall is among them and he mistreats the workers until he is stopped by Ra's al Ghul, who seems to be in control of the entire operation. The music, settings, backgrounds, character models...the crew had to essentially invent an entirely new show here. Robin doesn't understand what the story has to do with the elder that was kidnapped by Ra's, but Batman suspects the truth. Batman demands Ra's explain why he's determined to kill all of Gotham's costumed criminals. When the shot changes, the ice has disappeared altogether. Animation, it originally aired on Fox Kids from September 5, 1992, to September 15, 1995, with a total of 85 episodes. Welcome to Adventure(s) Time's eighty-fifth installment, a look at animated heroes of the past. Batman: Freeze!Mr. However you feel about the creative decision, you have to admire the work put into this. When they get to the airfield, Ra's is taking the elder to his plane with Ubu's help and they're confronted by Batman and Robin, who finally discover the elder's identity as Arkady Duvall. Batman and Robin take the tape and listen to a tale from Ra's' mysterious past during the 1800's, when he attempted to destroy the fledgling railroad and seize control of the US government. But, really, You have dozens of hours of traditional Batman adventures in Gotham. Now having the answer to his question, Batman reveals he was playing possum, and the mandatory fight scene begins. (So, is that title a nod to Talia's first DCAU appearance?) "Showdown" is remarkable for just how thoroughly it deviates from a standard episode. Ra's explains that Duvall was sentenced to 50 years of hard labor and that he lost track of him with time. The Batmobile lost a wheel and the Joker got awaaaaaaaaayyyyy. When Mr. A skin sample from Hassan contains a microscopic organism, pointing to Ra's al Ghul's base near Easter Island. A few shots later and the connective ice is gone, making it look like he is wearing boots made of ice. Batman and Robin finish listening to the tape, only minutes away from the airport. Rupert Thorne's eyebrows are briefly white in one shot when he's talking to Sidney. The broken window pane on the door to the District Attorney's office changes slightly from shot to shot. Check it out, and contact me on Twitter. "Showdown" is the eighty-second episode of Batman. The coda of the story has Ubu and Talia escaping the wreckage. When Mr. For the most Snyder-esque of reasons. When Mr. While it's possible for Batman to remove Johnny's pants above the freeze-line by cutting them away, he would still have remnants of his pants underneath the ice, but when the ice is thawed, his legs and feet are bare. The series was animated on darker (typically black) paper as opposed to standard white paper. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Yet the day after his night out with Alice he's suddenly around Bruce Wayne's size with blond hair and his eyes are no longer blue. Following "Robin's Reckoning (Part Two)", we have the show's second oblique reference to prostitution. Talia doesn't end the story still pining away for Batman. Despite being a Greek mythology buff Maxie Zeus says "Vulcan" when he meant "Hephaestus" the Greek god of fire and the forge when he first spoke with Batman. RELATED: Batman: Bendis Admits He Was 'Terrified' to Write the Dark Knight. Ra's al Ghul storms a retirement house with the Society of Shadows in order to take someone with him, leaving only a recording behind. Rumor Indicates [SPOILER] Added to the Cast, Batman: The Animated Series - The Ultimate Shock Ending, Batman: Bendis Admits He Was 'Terrified' to Write the Dark Knight, Scott Snyder Thought Dark Nights: Metal Would 'Flop', Batman Writer Tom King Shares the Best Convention Proposal Story of 2019, Chris Claremont's 2000 return to the X-Men, The Mandalorian Season 2 Premiere Has a HILARIOUS Return of the Jedi Callback, Cartoon Network Launches Anti-Racism PSA Series With Steven Universe, O.K. Montgomery actually died four months before the episode aired, making this her final acting job. Freeze's henchman Johnny gets his legs frozen, an ice "bridge" connects the gap between his feet. So that’s all for now. Harvey Dent's demanding of a mirror to see his scarred visage at his doctor's reluctance is very similar to the Joker demanding a mirror from his surgeon in the 1989 "Batman" film. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. When the chandelier falls on top of Rupert Thorne, the tommy gun he was holding falls into the bright half of Two-Face's hideout. It's the tale of Hassan, the Society of Shadows assassin captured by Batman in the first issue. Continuity mistake: Rupert Thorne's eyebrows are briefly white in one shot when he's talking to Sidney. Opening the issue is...the back-up. He assumes Ra's is wiping out his competition. There's a segment of fandom that resents "Showdown" for barely featuring Batman. Within the story, though, it works. Addresses are not passed on to any third party, and are used solely for direct communication from this site. (00:18:15), Continuity mistake: When Batman breaks free of his ice handcuffs, the colors on his chest emblem are inverted. Mad Hatter changes from being slightly short with sandy white hair to taller with blonde hair and no blue eyes halfway through the episode. It is also the last episode of the show to feature Ra's al Ghul. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Batman and Robin finish the tape just in time to circumvent Ra's from leaving the airport. Continuity mistake: The explosion that scars Harvey Dent and creates Two-Face is shown to have scarred and colored him light blue on the entire left half side of his face and neck. For the past few weeks, we've been examining a more obscure corner of Batman: The Animated Series continuity. When the shot changes, the break in the glass is nowhere near the letter "L." Also, the letter "W" in the word "law" is missing entirely, even though the break in the glass suggests a portion of the letter would still be intact if the letters were painted on the glass, as is standard. Batman, the man we were previously told to be Ra's' ideal son, agrees. The story of Tales of the Demon is similar to the episodes in Batman the Animated series where Ra's al Ghul was introduced. Continuity mistake: When Harvey Dent is scarred in the previous episode, it's only the left side of his face and neck. It was 1883 in a town known as Devil's Hole and an outlaw bounty hunter known as Jonah Hex is looking for a criminal at large by the name of Arkady Duvall. Kind of. And now, a big name from the comics is making his way into animated continuity for the first time. The first TV series set in the DCAU was Batman: The Animated Series, which premiered in 1992; the last TV series was Justice League Unlimited, which ended its run in 2006.The associated media franchise also includes direct-to-video feature films and shorts, comic books, video games and other multimedia adaptations set in the same continuity. Continuity mistakes for Batman: The Animated Series (1992). Continuity mistake: When Jervis Tetch is shown he's around 5'5 maybe with blue eyes and sandy white looking hair.

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