batman: zero year reading order

Later that night, Luke is shocked to discover that Russ, frustrated by constant abuse by bullies, has gorged on a drug known as Snakebyte (similar to Venom), hulked-up, and killed his tormentors. Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr said in interviews that Babs is 21-years-old in 2014 and also that she became Batgirl at age 16. middle October), Batman returns (FIVE MONTHS after the flashback from Batman Vol. In the New 52, the proto-super-villains of Gotham, in a sense, seem to spawn the creation of Batman. For the sake of keeping our chronology strong, tidy and tight, I have surmised that Damian is only in the gestation bubble for a mere three-and-a-half-months before being actually born into the world. The New 52 is the most confusing and contradictory timeline in the history of DC Comics. (Batman Vol. –REFERENCE: In Batman Vol. _______________________________ This is a tricky (and vague) notation, one which I’m almost hesitant to include. 2: The City of Owls (collects Batman #8–12, and Batman Annual #1), Batman, Vol. Robin: Son of Batman #2 tells us specifically that Damian ages from his ninth birthday until his tenth birthday over the span of a full calendar year. Earlier on that very same day, Gordon had taken ten-year-old Bruce into custody because he was skipping school. Batman, while still distrustful, becomes closer with Detective Harvey Bullock. The specificity of the flashback times have been a mistake, albeit mostly due to editorial mismanagement. However, his crusade against the villains is not as chivalrous as it sounds. Mid September. Also, the behavior patterns of the Red Hood that Batman fought were relatively consistent with Joker’s behavior patterns.[22]. Back at Wayne Tower (aka the Wayne Foundation Building), Nygma admits to having given the Red Hood Gang Bruce’s address to an irate Philip Kane. –REFERENCE: In Batman & Robin Eternal #6. Nothing makes any sense if you try and think about it, especially Batman. Early September—we know the month because the significant action of this issue takes place on the anniversary of Bruce’s parents’ deaths. The Batcave is now mostly complete. Duke Thomas explains that Riddler now controls the city and has moved the calendar back to “Zero Year.” Bruce immediately calls Alfred, who thanks the maker that Bruce is okay. Unfortunately (for the purposes of our timeline), King doesn’t mash them up. –FLASHBACK: From Batman and… #27 aka “Batman & Two-Face.” December. But thankfully, I’m here to challenge the comic gods! Bruce also creates some alternate Batman costumes and puts them into Batcave display cases as well. But Batman is Batman and he must uphold the law no matter what. Alfred begins serving his special cucumber sandwiches to Batman whenever he comes back to the Batcake from patrol. Glad I found this. They are badly injured. Batman makes some much needed improvements to his costume and begins wearing the standard togs that we are more familiar with—all grey and black with a large black bat insignia on the chest.

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