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What started as a running joke gained traction and from there and the Superman creative team took the Man of Steel away from a world that had taken him for granted. It was just full of imagination and great adventures, start to finish. It’s really Superman with Superman’s core personality in a drastically different setting. Playing with a theme that would later come to the fore with books like Kingdom Come, Elliot S Maggin and Curt Swan brought Superman before the Green Lantern Corps’ Guardians of Oa who accuse him of stunting mankind’s growth by making them dependent upon their all-powerful, all-seeing Kryptonian guardian. Superman In The Slums Writer: Jerry Siegel Artist: Joe Shuster Run: Action Comics issue 8 (1939) Buy: Pick up Superman Chronicles Vol 1 for £9.22 from This early Superman is still a Super Liberal: deciding that society is to blame for juvenile delinquency he physically demolishes the slums of Metropolis with his bare hands. Nevermore getting rid of kryptonite at a time when it was overused was a bold move. Since ashcan comic books were hand-drawn, unfinished versions of early comic books for legal purposes they were supposed to be thrown out in the “ashcan”. 24. 17. The Earth Stealers. There are many Superman comics and even more stories featuring him. Mark Waid with all star talents Jerry Ordway and George Perez. Artist: Leinil Francis Yu Len Wein’s issues of Presents are some of the best overlooked stories. Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow? Kal-El. This is my personal favorite Golden Age issue. The Metropolis Marvel. Artist: Gene Colan It’s a 3-part story never collected and never digitalized. I usually prefer earthbound stories, but this I beileve is space-heavy Superman story done right. Writer: Brian Azzarello The greatest Superman comic book story arcs and storylines. Run: Action Comics issue 8 (1939) The following group get mentioned in nearly every fans’ best-of list. My Ultimate Year #6: Ultimate Fantastic Four Launches (And More)! Johnny Yank spends 50-plus years working on Superman, and the mad monk of Northampton swans in with frequent collaborator Dave Gibbons, and with an equal helping of Silver Age filings (there’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-em cameos from Hawkman and Hawkwoman, Brainiac, Adam Strange, Hyathis, Bolphunga the Unrelenting, and Warworld) and pulp sci-fi weirdness tells pretty much the best self-contained Superman story of the Pre-Crisis era. We’re all nerds here, and we eat that kind of stuff up. When looking at the more than 80 years of Superman stories, there is one era that simply stands taller than the others: The “Triangle Years” from the 1990s. Only problem is: she’s blind. Buy: Pick up Superman Presents The Phantom Zone for £9.79 from It’s a story acknowledging the circumstances around a young kid would turning to a life to crime. A story about vulnerability on every level. 50. It’s the definition of a hidden gem, and the best example of a blue collar Superman. 11. Artist: Lee Bermejo 36. Absolutely unbelievable line up of artists involved in this issue. It can be a case almost too much for even Superman, and from that, we get the definitive story for Maggie Sawyer. It just doesn’t work that way.”, “Someone you’re not meeting until you’re sixteen.”, “Someone you’re not meeting until you’re eighteen.”. Action Comics #722. 48. It’s a Bird. Superman is a classic and enduring character in the DC Universe, one of the first and greatest super-heroes of all time. Action Comics #36. Action Comics #60. Children disappearing around Metropolis. Writer: Mark Waid Artist: Curt Swan Run: Superman: Birthright #1-#12 (2003) Establishing the rules for a post-Crisis On Infinite Earths Superman, the fundamentals of the character’s contemporary lore basically stem from John Byrne’s influential series (though Geoff Johns’ Secret Origin gave us an updated version), abandoning the more complicated elements and streamlining the icon’s back story. I’m not the first to say Death of Superman was just a slug fest. 08-06-13 The long gestating All-Star Superman stands outside of typical continuity or modern interpretations of the character and displays a Superman that is a sum of all his experiences and stories.. The Best Superman Comics! 2)! Run: Superman: Red Son #1-3 (2003) 50. 76,063, 20. 41. 4. Lex Luthor: Man Of Steel Buy: Pick up Superman: Red Son for £13.50 from In all of science fiction, I don’t think there are many planets with as much rich history explored over so many years as Krypton. 1)! Writer: Grant Morrison 25. 11. Waid brought the Kryptonian aspect of Superman to the fore, reinventing Jor-El as a noble warrior scientist who made the ultimate sacrifice, and Lex Luthor as a wounded, driven maniac whose desire to be recognised pushes him further and further over the edge. What are the best Spider-Man comics storylines for new webhead fans to get into? Krakin’ Krakoa #107: Missing Mutant Mysteries of Hickman’s X-Men (Pt. Writer: Jerry Siegel It’s a story acknowledging the circumstances around a young kid would turning to a life to crime. The Man of Steel. Artist: Curt Swan Buy: Pick up DC Universe: The Stories Of Alan Moore for £6.99 from It was writer Jerry Ordway who said, "Let's just kill 'im" during the Superman meeting in DC Comics. From Superman’s origin story to his biggest fights to the legendary Kingdom Come and Elseworlds book Red Son, comics greats like Grant Morrison, Alan … All Star Superman 21. Run: Superman issue 162 (1963) 2. Superman #18. Writer: Otto Binder Krakin’ Krakoa #108 – One Horrifying Moment With the Best X-Men Horror Story! Superman: Red Son Curt Swan nails it on the art again. The story started with Superman feeling guilty over killing the villains of the Phantom Zone and he exiles himself from Earth for his perceived crimes. Busiek and Immonen’s most famous story about the character. The dotted line. The difference is Clark is a guy who listens to absolutely everybody who needs him. Krakin’ Krakoa #104: Missing Mutant Mysteries of Hickman’s X-Men (Pt. Artist: Dave Johnson Buy: Pick up Superman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told Vol 2 for £13.94 from, “The flames within the planet are like cold glaciers compared with the mighty love blazing between Superman of Earth and Lyla Lerrol of Krypton…” Superman accidentally goes back in time, meets his parents, falls in love, knowing all along that the planet is doomed. As the fellow said: “This is an imaginary story: aren’t they all?” AR, 5. One thing comic fans need to learn is just because a villain didn’t stand a chance against Superman physically. Creannotators #23: “Amulet” With Creator Kazu Kibuishi, Matt Fraction, American Fiction, and Jimmy Olsen! Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? Run: All Star Superman #1-12 (2005) I think it’s brilliant to work on a truthful Superman. Superman team’s up with Alan Scot to fight Solomon Grundy. 2 of 2). It’s easy to think of the superhero deconstruction as something that entered comics with Alan Moore, but a decade earlier anxiety about changing American society had spilled over into the way that artists, writers and readers saw their superheroes. Buy: Pick up Kingdom Come for £9.31 from, Superman and the rest of the Justice League return to a world thrown into chaos by a swell of warring vigilantes, devoid of the values that the original heroes pioneered. SR. 12. What’s so Funny About Truth Justice and the American Way? 22. The Superman comics series would run for hundreds of issues, but only two or three ashcan copies of Superman Comics exist. But he sure could pick villains and orchestrate battles: here, Superman confronts ultimate evil deity Darksied on his home turf, and actually dethrones him. There are many Superman comics and even more stories featuring him.

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