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BG: Yeah, and the weird thing is that none of us were aware of it and none of us were terrified of it. He’s been famous since he was 18 and he just doesn’t buy into the bulls***. I’m just in a pair of shorts and I have a big stick and I’m walking around. [laughter]. Goldthwait was in Montreal to present Willow Creek at the Fantasia International Film Festival 2013 and took time from his busy schedule to speak to Offscreen. I wanted you to have to lean into the movie and ask, “what’s going on?” I didn’t want the movie to just lay it all out for you. BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT INTERVIEW. Those folks, some of them I had actually met when I went up to Willow Creek. Offscreen: OK, so he’s holding it like that, and Alexie has a stick in her hands ready to hit whatever is coming next. Were the locals aware that you were creating a genre film or did you present your film as a non-fiction documentary? Offscreen: Mean Streets is way before but…, BG: No, Mean Streets is very similar, it’s funny you mention that; yes they are very similar…Palooka-ville isn’t too far from that bar. bobcat goldthwait   comedy   mockumentary, An Interview with Andrzej Zulawski and Daniel Bird, Narcisa Hirsh and Argentine Experimental Film, In Search of Home: Cultural Traditions and Richard Deming’s book. I recently had the esteemed pleasure of interviewing the multi-talented American extraordinaire, Bobcat Goldthwait, whose eclectic skillset has seen him excel in comedy, acting, writing and even directing. BG: Yeah, I mean I don’t discuss it too much, as you start poking around in the mythology of Sasquatch and Big Foot, the native people, they have a lot of stories of Sasquatch stealing a woman as a concubine, and that’s kind of what I was of playing off of there. It was. Stephen King once said, "Horror is when you know and love the characters, but you also know something very bad is going to happen to them. Is it Big Foot? “I was big in the 1980s,” he told the audience at the top of the show. I think it’s interesting. You mention The Blair Witch Project and on the surface it seems that’s what the structure is like, but then you turn it on its head by having this nineteen minute static long take which is just incredible; you use this hand held stuff and then you kind of turn that on its head and have this; is that something you had planned from the beginning? Offscreen: Peter Jackson never really made any scary films but he’s made these splatstick, gore comedy things. BG: But that’s the challenge of making a found footage movie: how can we justify this camera being on and how can we achieve that in the edits. He is one of the truest artists I’ve ever met.”. BG: Or maybe just do the Muppet babies and have them as children. Willow Creek is in UK cinemas from 2nd May and available on DVD from 26th May. For me, the presentation that worked the best was this woman who, I think she was French, and she was so nervous that she had memorized her story in English because she didn’t speak English well. Bobcat Goldthwait Interview. [laughter], Offscreen: I mean it can be seen as a metaphor for class as well or high-art versus low-art…, Offscreen: So the lower class clowns are what? Offscreen: Excuse me if I interject a pretentious quote which relates to the enduring nature of these mythologies, “We may be especially interested in man-beasts, given what psychologist Robert A. Baker (1995) observes is our strong tendency to endow things with human characteristics. He’s also in the animated TV show, Adventure Time, he’s the Ice King. The world of the film would have us believe that clowns and mimes are mortal enemies, the equivalent of popular artists (clowns) versus high artists (mimes), and the bar on your corner street is a watering hole for grumpy clowns who spend nights drinking and complaining about life. Offscreen: The idea of truth is there at the level of form, even in your earlier film Windy City Heat which was a mockumentary; using this ‘truthful’ form. We weave in and out of old material. BG: Yes, and I also feel that also implies to not just scares but any kind of emotional relief. I hope I get to. Chiles was able to be a sounding board. I know for a fact that one of the challenges that I'll give myself is that 'ok now you've done this suspense film, now let's see can you actually shock and scare people and show it?' “He’s one of my favorite people in the business,” Chiles said. You know Tommy [Tom Kenny], who plays Binky, he’s been my best friend since I was six; he’s also the voice of SpongeBob. Is it the out and out funniest, the one which makes you laugh the most, or is it the one that is funny but also says something about the human condition?” His bias was towards the latter so if you look at Woody Allan as an example, is it Bananas and Take the Money and Run? Goldthwait's rise to directorial prominence began with the refreshingly original World's Greatest Dad (2009) and more recently the searing black comedy God Bless America (2011). You know it was really based on a bar that all the comics would end up in. Goldthwait has done more directing in recent years and produced an anthology series shot in metro Atlanta on truTV last year "Monsters and Misfits. I'm completely aware of the comparison with Blair Witch and there's no way that there aren't things that aren't influenced by it, but on the other hand Blair Witch is a really great movie. His latest project, Willow Creek, is Bobcat's first foray into the murky waters of horror. Then we play L.A. and nobody comes. Offscreen: You had a really small crew, seven or eight people? I think it’s funny when they do test marketing in Los Angeles; the villains always test poorly. They throw up the good stuff from that movie. and they have people around them who are more grounded so it was very important to me. Now if that happened in one of my movies, that would be the whole movie; there wouldn’t be any other plot. All these communities do that with their Bigfoot mythology. And that for me that's what it should be about for a guy who makes movies. Not that I was exorcising some demons but again in regards to making these people feel very real.

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