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I was just in a CEO and someone was very rude and yelled at me (or was it another toon, for using a fire? that were present in Toontown Online, all bosses in Toontown: Corporate Clash now have an enhanced version of the system to increase the difficulty for groups of toons that have progressed to higher suits levels. Leader of The Boss Bots The C.F.O. This game contains no subscriptions, advertisements, donations, or any other forms of revenue. Unites affect all nearby Toons in the proximity. Get a group of toons and head to the C.F.O's vault. The Chief Executive Officer (commonly known as CEO) is one of the four bosses and an antagonist of Toontown Online  He is the leader of the Bossbots. When the battle is completed, the C.F.O will enter the same room as Mata Hairy, who will explain how to defeat the C.F.O. Evil-doer You will earn a one-use "Unite! The safes do much more damage than the goons, and can end the fight quickly if used in rapid succession. The Chief Financial Officer, commonly abbreviated as the C.F.O., is the cog boss of the Cashbots. This protects him from all damage, and he must be hit in the head with another safe in order to knock it off. His body is set upon a large rotating gear, and has an undercarriage that opens up to allow the Cashbot Cogs and Skelecogs to enter a battle with Toons, and to distribute goons for the second round of the battle. battle dance, and receive their Unite rewards. Considering that the light on the C.F.O. In most cases, the antenna would be dollar symbol-shaped, however, the antenna could also be euro symbol-shaped if you were playing one of Toontown's other language versions, such as the French version of Toontown, which at some point had the euro symbol-shaped antenna. The Chief Financial Officer, commonly abbreviated as the C.F.O., is the cog boss of the Cashbots. The first round involves the Toons destroying waiter Cogs in order to build a waiter disguise to infiltrate the banquet in the next room. Ah-HAH! Mata Hairy then returns to the scene to award Toons with a special unite. I've had enough of these pesky Toons!" Past the first Unite, all Toons receive different unites. I've got a train to catch! 's vault, telling the Toons to hurry into the Vault before they are caught. It is the only attack to eliminate a level 12 Cog in one turn when battling alone., Pink slips, if used against Version 2.0 Cogs, will destroy both their outer suit and their Skelecog form. When this happens, an Aoogah-like sound effect is heard and he will enter a dizzy phase akin to that of the Vice President. is a large Cog with a dollar symbol suit of the traditional green Cashbot color. A toon can carry a maximum of 255 pink slips. The battle begins with Mata Hairy, who attempts to sneak into the C.F.O. During this state, he can be hit with the safes lined around the room. 's head while he is not stunned will result in a "safe-ty helmet" stuck on the C.F.O. Cog suit tiers are based on its rank on the Corporate Ladder, so a Short Change will be tier 1, and a Robber Baron will be tier 8. with a single hit! Many Toons prefer to squirt due to the fact that squirt damages the CEO while golfing only slows him down. is the only boss battle where: it has the least amount of rounds compared to every other boss battle, having only two as opposed to three for the Vice President and the. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. begins. He also wears a black pinstripe golf cap. In order to battle the Chief Financial Officer, you will need to have finished the tasks in The Brrrgh and move on to Donald's Dreamland. I don't even know) despite the fact that I was asking what the rule was--no one bothered to answer, by the way. Finally, the CEO's Most powerful attack is his FORE move The CEO will yell fore launching Golf balls all around the area hurting any toons that dare get hit. Just before the cog battle when Mata opens the door, two orange goons can be seen, At the start of the C.F.O.

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