chromebook headphones no sound

Although rare, it happens with even the best laptops. In the lower right corner of the screen are a series of icons. Thank you so much!!! You can also unmute it by clicking on the bottom-right of your screen to open the status widget and looking at the volume slider. Everything appears to look okay, except no actual sound comes out of the speaker. When I checked settings and went to keyboard, I realized I had pressed "Treat top-row keys as function keys." October 6 by I shut off my computer and then did the steps and then realized that you have to mute it before! Help? Wait 10 seconds. OK, so you’ve checked all these things and your sound still isn’t working. But don’t worry. Or if you have another solution that’s not listed here, let me know about it and I’ll check it out. You can skip to the part that applies to your situation by reading the subheadings. What you want to do in this fix is to simply disable them. See if you get any sound with it at maximum volume. You shouldn’t let one sour experience ruin your thought of Chromebooks. The microphone icon shouldn’t have a slash through it. If your sound isn’t working try different earbuds/headphones. Make sure the sound isn't muted.. Click the Taskbar icon in the bottom right corner, and then adjust the volume using... Change … Za'Kayla President, I am on a Chromebook it does not have a pair of headphones, 12/19/2016 by so it is a hardware problems probably. Click on the right arrow next to it, and choose " Speaker (Internal) " And "Microphone (Internal) ", cannot use Bluetooth speaker on Acer chrome book, 01/23/2019 by Then hold the refresh button (looks like a circle with an arrow, usually the F3) and the power. HP Chromebook 14, q-063cl, model number FALCO C2B-D7R-G6A-A5G So today I went to turn on my chromebook, but the sound was not working. Braydon Graven. Thank you so much :), 01/22/2019 by Any suggestions? You will see a variety of options, but on the second on up there is a sound bar. Once the sound breaks again, the faulty extension should be removed and not used. Let’s get started. If the issue persists and you have already tried a Power Wash, please contact HP Support for service Options. Some Chromebooks have an initial “notch” that you need to push through for it to detect any audio device connected to the 3.5mm audio port. Here you can see "Sound and multimedia" something click on it. @ilovedogs12. Is it silent? Nathan Villa, 04/02/2019 by is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on I have gone through your Post and would like to help, You can refer to this 3rd party Link: and try the suggested Troubleshooting Steps, Note: This is not an HP Site and HP is not responsible for any Advertisements that might pop up. 3) Enter the serial of your device. Copyright 2015-2019  | All Rights Reserved | Platypus Platypus, Fixing the “headphones not working” issue, Fixing the “no sound from speakers or headphones” issue, All of your local data (stuff saved in your, If you don’t have any external drive to transfer all your stuff to, then just use, Whenever you’re ready to go, check out the, This will show all your apps tied to your account. Acer Community User Agreement. Take your fingers and check that your headphones or earbuds are fully plugged into the audio jack. Model number is 14-Q010DX. 2) Select your product type below. None of the other ones worked for me! Finally, if none of these troubleshooting steps work for you enter a help request for technician assistance. Your laptop will restart. This sort of defect is usually covered at no cost to you. If the information I've provided was helpful, give us some reinforcement by clicking the "Solution Accepted" on this Post and it will also help other community members with similar issue. If you click on one of these links, I may earn a small commission. My audio buttons quit working and the volume bar stays to the left when my battery gets too low. This generally does the trick for me. Love this site!! I am on ChromeOS version 84.0.4147.94. So unplug the headphones from the jack on the Chromebook. First, try “speaker’s (internal)” and then “headphones” (if you have them plugged in and your Chromebook can detect them). Go to manage and then select device manager. Thank you so much!! Plug the headphones back into the jack. Turn the chrome book off and then on again and try the sound. Stuck? Login to your Google Account, plug in your headphones and see if there’s any sound. Restarting it will clear the cache and give it a fresh start and clear out any bugs hiding in there. 10/06/2016 by I did ensure that the headphones are plugged in properly. If you actually made it through the list and have to contact the brand or refund/exchange it, you probably have a defective one. They’re both free to use, secure, and simple to use. On the very right of it, you’ll see a headphones icon. Charge it up and then do a browser reset and a hard reset. 4) Select the country from the drop-down. If this doesn’t work, shut down your Chromebook and repeat all steps before restarting it. If you have any questions, it should be answered in the guide. This should be your last resort. Can you barely hear it?

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