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It is that element of suffering that animates David Leveaux’s fine production in which surface chic is offset by emotional intensity. The mythic constructions surrounding personal relationships—the myth of love and truth bringing us together, is deliberately and willfully turned on its head by Marber. [7], Early productions of Closer on the West Coast of the United States include one featuring Maggie Gyllenhaal as Alice in a Berkeley Repertory Theatre production in May 2000 (directed by Wilson Milam),[8] and another featuring Gyllenhaal opposite Rebecca De Mornay as Anna in a Mark Taper Forum production in December 2000, directed by Robert Egan.[9]. Closer has been described as a work that "gets under its audience's skin, and ... not for the emotionally squeamish", a work in which "Marber is alert to the cruel inequalities of love, as the characters change partners in what sometimes comes over like a modern reworking of Coward's Private Lives. The Czech title is Na Dotek. Anna is a photographer. (...) Marber's thematic material is intricate and always intelligently handled, but he is inclined to overstatement. Elegantly designed by Bunny Christie to evoke a world of minimalist modishness, this is a production that convinces one that Marber’s play is much more than the product of its time. She is coming from asking Larry to sign the divorce papers. In the moment when Alice becomes caught between telling the truth (which she refuses to do) and being unable to lie to him, she says, "I don't love you anymore. The central theme of Closer revolves around truth. No one is made "closer" by the truth. In March the next year the play moved to the West End. In London, Closer won the 1997 Evening Standard "Best Comedy Award," the 1997 Critics' Circle "Best Play Award," and the 1998 Olivier Award for "Best New Play." Larry meets Alice, whom he recognises as the woman in the photo, and knows that she is Dan's girlfriend. Review Consensus: Generally quite impressed From the Reviews: "Patrick Marber's Closer is a sad, savvy, often funny play that casts a steely, unblinking gaze at the world of relationships and lets you come to your own conclusions. More than most, Closer is a play that will live or die on that chemistry. They share a connection based on mutual betrayal and heartbreak. She reveals that it is her birthday and snaps a photo of Larry. "[4], The language of Marber's play is brutal and sexually explicit. She asks Anna to take her photo, and when Dan has left, confronts her; Anna insists she is "not a thief" and snaps a photo of a tear-stricken Alice. Oliver Chris as Dan suggests a man conscious of his own inadequacies as a writer and of his capacity to destroy any potentially happy relationship. She tells Dan to leave. "ON THEATER: TWO MORAL X-RAYS – Patrick Marber's Closer and Kenneth Lonergan's This Is Our Youth Put Contemporary Life on Stage—and It Isn't Pretty,". Main | the New | the Best | the Rest | Review Index | Links, First performed at the Royal National Theatre 22 May 1997, First performed in New York 9 March 1999, in a production directed by Marber and starring Anna Friel, Rupert Graves, and Natasha Richardson, Both the London and New York productions received numerous prizes, "(A) powerful, darkly funny play about the cosmic collision between the sun of love and the comet of desire. In a poignant moment, he asks, "Tell me something true, Alice." Closer. It starts with a meeting in a hospital between the waif-like Alice, nursing a minor injury, and Dan, a newspaper obituarist and would-be novelist. Alice (Natalie Portman), an American stripper who has moved to London, meets Dan (Jude Law) on the street. Closer review – Patrick Marber's play is as powerful and pertinent as ever Donmar Warehouse, London David Leveaux’s fine revival featuring an expertly balanced cast shows this 1997 play … Please note that these ratings solely represent the complete review's biased interpretation and subjective opinion of the actual reviews and do not claim to accurately reflect or represent the views of the reviewers. Alice overhears his conversation with Anna. Closer was first performed at the Royal National Theatre in London on 22 May 1997; it was the second original play written by Patrick Marber. The play opens in a hospital waiting room. Dan and Anna bid each other a cold goodbye, and Dan leaves to catch his flight, leaving Anna alone. Larry recommends Dan go back to Alice and reveals that he had seen her in the strip club. Wolf, Matt. [3] Truth, for Dan, is what distinguishes humans from animals—and yet Alice accepts her identity as not quite human for any of the other characters, and loves her primitivism. Dan talks with Anna and says that no one could identify Alice's body and he is flying over to America to do so. Debatable as that may be, Marber shows that all four characters still have a bottomless capacity for suffering and that the new freedoms – and the play embraces laptop sex and lapdance clubs – have done nothing to resolve the pain and anxiety of intimate relationships. Equally, Anna may be a highly successful snapper whose portraits adorn gallery walls and museum shops, but Nancy Carroll’s vividly expressive eyes convey the same vulnerability and solitude she finds in her subjects. It was adapted by Marber for the 2004 film of the same name, produced and directed by Mike Nichols At Anna's showing, Alice stands in front of her photo, looking at it; Dan is watching her. The text of the play insists on all settings being "minimal". Disarmingly she reveals herself, careful not to play as easily with words as Dan might: © 2004-2010 the complete review The characters are driven both by a need for love and a need for sex—these needs clash at times, as when Larry tells Dan that Alice needed love, and Dan had left her for a relationship with Anna. [3], Although no music is indicated in Marber's script to specifically be used, different productions have often most commonly used classical music, like in the 2004 film version of Closer.

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