creed: rise to glory career mode

After playing for an hour (twice) in Career mode, it did not save the progress made. It looks like you're new here. I suspect many of your hits were 5 or 10 damage, you need to punch fast to get 20 damage ones. Creed: Rise to Glory is a single and 1:1 PvP boxing game from Survios. Multiple game modes let you choose your path to glory. If you stamina is low dodge and move some more. As for getting up a third time, yes you have to swing very fast and also nice big swings, don't copy that dude on the right doing his casual swings, try to run for real and swing your arms as if you were actually running as fast as you can, of course without moving your legs. Sure add whatever you like. Ah shit, I forgot to mention I had this problem too. Community Software by Invision Power Services, Inc. "I'd rather die like a man, than live like a coward" - 2pac. Sure they don't have very good defense, but if you have more attack power, the fight will be over quicker anyway. thanks man i been struggling on a few of these and this will help. - Geting up a 3rd time can be difficult, you really have to swing your arms quite a vast distance with speed. You can calmly wall to a spot and press triangle and the button will center the ai opponent for you. Ultra fast pumping isn't enough if you don't get enough enough distance, I suggest swinging your arms from your waist up to your forehead and back, no need to put them behind your back, like I don't don't copy that dude on the right showing you how to run, it does not work like that. I also noticed that with me I preferred to jab and hit the head more than the body and I felt locomotion helped me keep that preference for me in fights. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! i counter the boxer with a straight and hook like 3 times and he doesnt even get stagered and stil lands his hits on me even when it was a clean hook to the temple. The only time I think I had more stamina in a game than I have in real life at that point. Once out, it prompts me then to hit x to exit the game or resume. Finally beat him landing 212 punches to his 12, dude was only a few punches away from ending me.
For those wanting more of a sim experience (like me) TotF Is better, but I'd love a more sim oriented game with graphics and animations as good as this one. Also where you hit your opponent in the head and at what timing is also crucial, if you hit your opponent and they stagger, stop doing the attack they are doing or a voice over of yourself sayng "Nice one" you can assume you got a very good hit. Creed: Rise to Glory . All rights reserved. To conclude, for the price I highly recommend this game. Started by enaysoft, January ... but if you have more attack power, the fight will be over quicker anyway.
In Creed: Rise to Glory, however, it’s not that simple and just about everything matters. - You can never get up a 4th time in a fight, however some of the pro mode boxers require knockdowns more than three times. It's more important to at least move your head out the of the way or block with your hands those blue windup punches that can sometimes knock into a flurry or knock you down straight away. Followers 1. I noticed that on the third knockdown you must swing your arms faster to get back than in the earlier knockdowns, but if you don’t see you legs moving you back to your boxer you might not be moving them fast and long enough. © Valve Corporation. I figured out quick flurries to his face worked by far the best and keep your hands up. In other words if I was able to get platinum by standing still and letting the opponent always come to me, anybody can. Mad dog's stomach punch from the bottom left is the one you definitely need to be careful of. but yeah rhino is kicking the shit out of me to. If you are fighting on the highest level and get knocked down a third time you may want to restart the fight as you will burn a lot of energy getting back to your body and could be knocked out with just a few punches unless you feel you have the edge. after i installed the update i turned it back on and won and it popped (as well as every ligament in my body hah) Stand there and let him punch you, it takes a fair while. I suggest Hakoom since you are tired, go into a fight with Rhino on easiest setting and don't fight back, just watch his combos, think like dark souls and memorise their attack patterns. Hey kingdell6, nice tip, I will add that in if you don't mind. In pro mode in general, if I get hit down twice and my opponent still hasn't fallen down once, I just restart to save time and energy. I got like 9 mini games completed and I forget the stars I got, but I was spent afterwards.... (Did the rest in 1 go, as well as mini games beforehand). I've never had a workout as good in VR, especially with pvp matches. Oh yea - locomotion I agree can make your head hurt, but I advise it after a knockdown.

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