dracula: dead and loving it quotes

We'll share the endless passion of immortal love. [she does] Two voluptuous women, heaving and grinding. Van Helsing (Mel Brooks): [examining Lucy’s throat with a magnifying lens] Three tiny puncture Marks on her Throat… I guess it fell off the muffin. Dracula (Leslie Nielsen): No, not you, you sit. Dr. Seward (Harvey Korman): [to Martin, about Renfield] Put him in a straitjacket and give him an enema! Children of the night. [pause] Dracula (Leslie Nielsen): No! Renfield: But I've only been here for a moment. WRONG ME! We should have put newspapers down!”, [after staking Lucy, Jonathan is drenched in blood, while Van Helsing is spotless], “Dr. Hence, these popular Dracula: Dead And Loving It quotes should be read with caution and proper understanding of the context. [Dracula goes up the stairs. And when you double over laughing in one scene--involving a stake through the heart and a bucket of blood--you want the movie to achieve Brooks's days of glory, when hearty laughter was the norm, not an isolated moment. It must have been my imagina... there, you did it again! Dr. I'm telling you the walls are closing in on me! Oh! You are your own man now. Dr. Seward: Raspberry? Dracula: Children of the night... What a mess they make. Renfield: A spider? Watch out! Millions of them! Wiggling! Renfield: No, no, master. Renfield: I'm loyal to you, Master, I am your slave, I didn't betray you! How does your modern science explain zhat? [Comes back up] Sorry for the delay.”, [The grasshopper’s leg is sticking out of Renfield’s mouth, and wriggling about]”, “Dr. Jonathan Harker: Oh… my… GOD! Poor thing is fighting for its life! Your very own mouth and it's wriggling about! Basically, he took Van Helsing (Mel Brooks): Of my theory! Van Helsing (Mel Brooks): Why don’t we have a look at the brain? Renfield: I don't know what you're talking about. Seward: Me, ranting? Van Helsing: What have you to do with Dracula? [Van Helsing slinks back behind a pillar] NOW!”, [Jonathan drives a stake into Lucy’s heart and is subsequently hit by many gallons of blood], “Jonathan Harker: Oh… my… GOD! I wasn't going to say anything, I told them nothing. Master!… I mean… Mister! Poor thing is fighting for its life! Find all lines from this movie [Jonathan drives a stake into Lucy's heart and is subsequently hit by many gallons of blood]. Steward: You just put a bug in your mouth. Steward: Raspberry? Jonathan Harker: Are you saying that Count Dracula is our vampire? Dracula: [stares at her in surprise] NOT YOU! Renfield: I won't hurt you! [grabs the air in attempt to catch the fly] Lucy Westenra: I know you've always wanted me, and I've always wanted you. Oh! Wrong me! Stop it at once! Dr. Seward (Harvey Korman): Me, ranting? Who are you people? These famous words of wisdom is offered by FinestQuotes.com, the best quotes collection on the web. We people of the mountains believe in the castle there are vampires. Dr. Seward: You just put a bug in your mouth. Renfield: Everything you mentioned is dead. Renfield: Out of my mouth? All rights reserved. [after becoming a vampire, Lucy comes on to Jonathan] Van Helsing (Mel Brooks): I’m saying no. [Dracula picks up Jonathan by the throat]. Dr. Seward: You just grabbed something from the table. [Dracula laughs. This is – this is ghastly!”, “Van Helsing: Yes, you’re right. He sees a bug on the table and eats it]. There are bouts of humour but mostly no extraordinary effects out of them. Van Helsing (Mel Brooks): She just ate! Let me live, please! Wrong me!". You will sleep... sleep. If you insist on ranting like this, I'm going to leave! Renfield: Nooo nooo look! He’s a doctor of rare diseases as well as theology and philosophy. Seward: Raspberry? [Jonathan is about to stake Lucy's heart]. He sees a bug on the table and eats it]”, “Dr. She opens the curtain to Seward’s chambers and stands there with her mouth open for a few moments, then closes the curtain] Do you see anything? Count Dracula: I bid you welcome. [Grabs the air in attempt to catch the fly]. Learn how your comment data is processed. I've got to get back to my coffin! Van Helsing: What we are dealing with here is... a VAMPIRE! [laughs in a strange tone] [He spots two lovers having a picnic] Renfield starts to follow him. You will sleep… sleep.”, “Dracula: Mina… you are in the closet. [pauses again] Van Helsing (Mel Brooks): [Jonathan hits the stake again and is hit with even more blood than last time] Dracula (Leslie Nielsen): [to the maid] Essie… Essie… Your eyelids are growing heavy You will sleep… sleep. My cousin: I didn't like Terminator 2. Wait! I guess it fell off the muffin. Dracula (Leslie Nielsen): About the message! Renfield sees a spider coming towards him, and he quickly eats it up]. [A grasshopper jumps onto the patio. Nurse at Bloodbank: If you two freaks don't get out of here, I AM GOING TO SCREAM MY HEAD OFF! Seward: I was just telling Ma—what was that?”, “Dr. And for your miserable performance, you will receive no tip!”, [Dracula picks up Jonathan by the throat], “Dracula: Arrogant mortal! Martin: For that moment, you were very good. [pause]Or the chandelier. [normally] What is the matter with you, why did you not tell him? Renfield: If you scream loudly, they'll think you where frightened by a mouse. Dracula: [mimicking her] Can I help you sir? Jonathan Harker: She’s dead enough. Dracula (Leslie Nielsen): Walk to the door. Renfield: [they start to gyrate on top of him] No, Stop! Starring: Amy Yasbeck, Leslie Nielsen, Peter MacNicol, Steven Weber. [CDATA[ Jonathan Harker: But Lucy, I’m British! Renfield: [thinks of an alibi] Oh, that was a raspberry. Your very own mouth and it's wiggling about! They leave their coffins at night and they feed on the blood of the living. ":"&")+"url="+encodeURIComponent(b)),f.setRequestHeader("Content-Type","application/x-www-form-urlencoded"),f.send(a))}}}function B(){var b={},c;c=document.getElementsByTagName("IMG");if(!c.length)return{};var a=c[0];if(! Renfield: [to the fly] Hello, little darling!

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