dune families

Each House usually maintained their base of operations on a specific planet - typically their ancestral home. [7] During the events of Prelude to Dune and the interquel novel Paul of Dune (2008), the head of the House is Archduke Armand Ecaz; at this time, House Ecaz is in kanly, or vendetta, with House Moritani. "[11], Prelude to Dune establishes that immediately prior to the events in Dune, House Moritani are at war with House Ecaz. [6], Paul of Dune reveals that House Moritani is secretly descended from House Tantor, the renegade house who had devastated Salusa Secundus with atomics and who had been subsequently "exterminated" by Padishah Emperor Hassik Corrino III. Titles for heads of Great Houses were usually Dukes, Viscounts, Counts, Barons, and Archdukes. [citation needed]. Though he permitted them to exist, Leto regarded the remaining Great Houses as "degenerate". Herbert, Brian; Kevin J. Anderson (2001). Dune is frequently cited as the best selling science fiction novel in history.

This I swear: From this day forth, let all who bear the name Atreides spit on the name of Harkonnen! The assembly of all the nobles in the Imperium, called the Landsraad, consists of many additional Houses Great or Minor which are never mentioned in the novels. Herbert, Frank (1965). Emblem of House Harkonnen from Emperor: Battle for Dune [13]. Their leader is the corrupt and vile Baron Rakan. These were known as Great Houses, Major Houses, or Families. [1] Leto Atreides II notes in God Emperor of Dune (1981) that the Atreides are descended from the mythological Greek House of Atreus.

This series establishes Vladimir's father Dmitri Harkonnen as a benevolent man who leaves House Atreides in peace. The following family tree assembles information from Frank Herbert's original novels as well as the prequel series Legends of Dune and Prelude to Dune.

House Moritani also attacks the planet Ginaz after some of their students are sent home in disgrace from their renowned Swordmaster School. Ginjo's own political machine paints Xavier as a traitor, and the surname Harkonnen is abandoned by his immediate descendants. During the 3500 years that Leto ruled the Empire, many of the Great Houses had disappeared, since Leto's control over space travel and monopoly on melange meant that trade and political maneuvering was virtually impossible. Each plots to take his place. Great Houses also maintained a stake in CHOAM through the Landsraad. "Appendix IV: The Almanak en-Ashraf (Selected Excerpts of the Noble Houses): VLADIMIR HARKONNEN". Herbert, Frank (1965). It is during Dmitri's reign that House Harkonnen grows in status and is rewarded with the governorship of Arrakis by Shaddam's father, Padishah Emperor Elrood Corrino IX. Atomics harbored a pronounced psychological and social stigma, and were rarely used due to traumatic historical events. Abulurd refuses a direct order from his commander, Vorian, to kill a multitude of humans enslaved by the thinking machines. [6], House Vernius are the ruling family of the planet Ix in the Prelude to Dune series. "Terminology of the Imperium: HAGAL". "[9] Miles Teg asks himself: Why did the Tyrant permit Family Harkonnen to squander so much of their last remaining wealth on such an enterprise?

This mysterious sisterhood can see the future, hypnotize others into submission, and pull the strings of … Herbert, Frank (1965). House referred to a dynastic seat of power, sometimes limited to a single world and sometimes spanning several worlds. Now in control of Arrakis, the source of the all-important spice melange, Paul unseats the Emperor.[4]. [7], The Baron's intent to exterminate the Atreides line seems close to fruition as Duke Leto Atreides is lured to the desert planet Arrakis on the pretense of taking over the valuable melange operation there. Typically, a Major House was a familial dynasty that ruled a planet or planetary system. During the imperial reign of Paul Atreides, very little was revealed about the fate of the Great Houses. The Harkonnens are featured prominently in the original 1965 novel Dune, and are also a major presence in both the Prelude to Dune (1999-2001) and Legends of Dune (2002-2004) prequel trilogies by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

Shortly into his reign Leto dissolved the Landsraad. Each Great House maintained trade and business interests, and some Minor Houses could over time be granted Great House status through amassed wealth from enterpreneurial endeavours.

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