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They never explain why he’s stuffed in this wagon…. Rolf is lugging haystacks in the opposite direction of his house. Obviously, this is WAY worse than just walking on the grass though, so Edd needs to reevaluate whether it’s better to disregard a low-tier rule or to completely destroy public property. Interesting note:  The irises from ‘Look’ are painted onto the actual card and stay in the credits even when the O’s for the eyes are gone– similarly, “WANTED” (rather than just “ED”) is NOT painted onto the actual card and disappears to make room for the credits. I never realized it was so far into season 2). Edd desperately threatens an ultimatum, if they say one word to anyone, he’ll never speak to them again. 2:54. I like this episode a lot and I hope you enjoyed the analysis, sorry that I don’t have more wrap-up! He picks it up, confused, and asks Edd what it is; Edd explains, and demonstrates on Ed by hypnotizing him into a ballerina. Rolf walks by and ignores the Eds. Smart thinking, but I’m so glad that Kevin’s really wrong about his intentions. All these cutiessss. Perhaps it’s Danny’s intentional directing style to choose boarders at random or maybe they chose their episodes for themselves, but more recent shows like Flapjack, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe, etc tend to have set-in-stone board teams, usually so they can find out what two artists’ strengths are and give them episodes that play to those strengths. I really never noticed how much good Nazz stuff there is this season. He also yells this at Jonny at the end of the episode. Panicking, Edd suggests that Ed grab hold of the propeller instead. It’s refreshing to see! Usually they give him a bigger rounder forehead, but maybe he’s got a conehead. When Edd opens the package, he finds his new psychology manual is here. I kinda expect that’s one of the “mistakes” they put in on purpose. Ed wears Edd’s desk-skull like a mask and says he’s dead from the neck up. Kevin calls Ed and Eddy screwballs and struggles to do that “crazy” spinning finger gesture. I think this episode is the point where Edd really comes into his own. Hopefully Jonny is lucid enough to use Plank as a tool and roll the ball closer to them, but I feel like the joke is that everybody thought Plank would reach out and grab it somehow. We see more of Edd’s hairless head in that instance, but not the part that garners their reactions. Thinking of it that way, Eddy’s interest in her is probably the most mature since he’s able to separate her from being his crush sometimes, but I still wish Kevin’s total respect for her had gotten more acknowledgment so he wouldn’t be remembered as only the bully archetype. Eddy tells Rolf to relax and pushes the haystacks into oblivion. Nazz makes this cute face before letting out a belch. I’ve always loved the storyboarding on Eddy’s cruel stretch onto the grass, just to annoy Edd. Nazz chugs a bottle of scotch! Hey so if you hate Eddy I want you to remember this scene. (or your entire life if you so choose). A good father doesn’t let his destructive son off the hook that easily, Double Dee, stand up for yourself! Eddy is still the more grossed out of the two, but exaggerates his horror to bug Edd. When Edd snaps Ed out of it, Edd was standing in the street. This reminds me more of the ‘chubby phase’ bit in ‘Every Which Way But Ed’ than Nazz’s chugging did. Ooh, just noticed that case full of books back there, hopefully that gets a little deeper into the alphabet. When Edd laughs at Ed being a ballerina, Edd is standing in the grass. I love finally getting to see a human head in the title card style, it reminds me of Gary Baseman’s style.

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