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} padding: 4em 2em; } For those currently receiving aid, the usual procedures for renewal of aid will be in effect. Financial Support. .col4 { All Chemistry graduate students at Rice University receive financial support throughout the twelve-month year. Costs & financial aid at Rice University. /* Style the buttons inside the tab */ And we're willing to invest in that belief. Percentage of freshman students who receive some form of financial aid. } For additional assistance, please contact: Undergraduate Applicants for Financial Aid: fina@rice.edu Student records: registrar@rice.edu Human resource/employee records: Call 713-348-2232 (M-F 9am-4pm), people@rice.edu (after hours) Visitors: visitorportal@rice.edu display: none; font-size: 1.25em; } } A family’s assets might include cash and savings, investments, home equity, business net worth, other real estate and any other assets. At Rice, we believe talent deserves opportunity. Contact Rice University to learn about their financial aid program Though Rice University does not offer Micro-Scholarships on RaiseMe, over 300 other colleges do. Through grants, endowments, low-interest loans, campus work opportunities, or a combination of these programs, Rice makes every table.blueTable tfoot .links { overflow: hidden; We strive to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to … font-weight: bold; .h1, h1 { } Determining the right school comes down to several factors — often, the biggest one is affordability. } text-decoration: none; /* Style the close button */ Corporate scholarships are sometimes available and all accepted students are eligible to apply. color: #034EA1; Financial Aid Counselor Rice University Houston, TX 7 days ago Be among the first 25 applicants. 69.0% per year. font-size: 90%; } Rice University is known for its generosity. .tabcontent1 { .tabcontent { /* Change background color of buttons on hover */ } table.blueTable tfoot td { Request Info. If you qualify for financial aid (federal aid, grants, loans, scholarships, etc.) Box 1892, Houston, TX 77251-1892 |, 713-348-0000 | Privacy Policy | Web Accessibility | Campus Carry, College Savings Plans & Prepaid Tuition Plans, Visiting Students Tuition, Fees & Expenses. [CDATA[/* >

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