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During the day Jake works remotely to create … jennifer brown . NRA - National Rifle Association of America. The district, which includes Gilbert and Queen Creek, leans heavily Republican. And while spineless politicians certainly shoulder a heavy load of blame, can we honestly place it squarely and exclusively on their shoulders? Jake Hoffman. A pro-Trump super PAC funded by conservative Texas bank executive Andrew Beal spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on a Facebook meme campaign during the 2016 presidential election. Rally Forge was running the fake accounts, the company said. queen creek mayor. The truth is we want everything, but we hate the realities associated with paying for it. Hoffman has served on the Queen Creek Town Council since 2017. Principles over profit. CNBC couldn't verify Hoffman's claims about the posts reaching that many people. We acknowledge the incontrovertible truth that government at-large is highly ineffective and should be limited, but we gnash our teeth and stomp around like a child at even the notion of "our" preferred programs being on the chopping block. Hoffman has said he is the president of and CEO of Rally Forge, the firm that was banned, which he called "one of the nation's top conservative digital and communications agencies" in the Center for Arizona Policy's voter guide. Learn More. queen creek town council. All Rights Reserved. The organization, founded by staunch Trump supporter Charlie Kirk, contracted Rally Forge for media and advertising services, the filing shows. The PAC made four payments totaling $316,000 to Hoffman's company. 3. Both Rally Forge and Turning Point are based in Arizona. Reforming the Arizona tax code to enact a flat income tax rate. technology governing board. Prohibiting abortion except when it is necessary to prevent the death of the mother. It does not create an attorney-client relationship with any reader and should not be construed as legal advice. “Operating fake account networks and engaging in coordinated inauthentic amplification is not permitted on Twitter. Most of those donations were funneled toward an obscure media advisory firm called Rally Forge LLC for the purpose of what was only described at the time as "social media.". Reach reporter Rachel Leingang by email at rachel.leingang@gannett.com or by phone at 602-444-8157, or find her on Twitter and Facebook. Copyright © Townhall.com/Salem Media. Operating fake accounts or multiple accounts are specifically listed as violations of this rule on Twitter’s website. "The PACs are probably paying for that. The views expressed above are not necessarily those of Rose Law Group pc or its associates and are in no way legal advice. Shrinking Government Is America’s Only Choice. Painter said Hoffman likely created the super PAC to line his own pockets as well as to help Trump. Rally Forge has been registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission as an LLC since 2016. Townhall.com is the leading source for conservative news and political commentary and analysis. I posed for a photo with golf great Lee Trevino . To connect with Jake Hoffman, join Facebook today. Jake Hoffman’s birth took place on March 20, 1981, in Los Angeles County, California, USA. Like: Follow: Message: More: About. ... politicians look at YOUR money like it's THEIR money and have zero hesitation before spending it … Sadly, those words ring truer with each passing day. Rose Law Group pc values “outrageous client service.” We pride ourselves on hyper-responsiveness to our clients’ needs and an extraordinary record of success in achieving our clients’ goals. We alone have the capacity to fix the problem by curbing our appetite for the unnecessary and excessive offered to us by government and instead incentivizing our elected representatives, through rabidly steadfast support, to make the hard choices that reform, restructure and cut the programs, services, amenities and benefits that they govern—yes, even the ones we like. Subscribe now to azcentral.com. Should we fail to realize a national awakening to this reality, we will have done irreparable harm to America’s future generations’ ability to enjoy the same freedom, opportunity and prosperity as we have today. Jake Hoffman's Twitter account now shows as suspended; Twitter told The Republic it is permanently suspended. 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Nearly $1 million was spent for Facebook advertising by the network, Facebook said. 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