jean loring

Blockbuster | Captain Boomerang | They recruited Black Alice, a girl who has the ability to steal a person's magical powers for a short amount of time, leaving the being powerless in the process. Aquarius | Jean Loring's career as an attorney in Ivy Town began at almost the same time that her boyfriend, Ray Palmer, became the Atom (II). These events caused the superhero community to launch a massive investigation to identify the killer, which resulted in the death of Firestorm at the hands of the Shadow Thief. Queen Bee | Only when Ray was thought killed in a car accident (engineered by the Bug-Eyed Bandit) did she accept his proposal.[2]. Royal Flush Gang | In the calamity, Ray and Jean get back together after Ray discovered Jean was nearly hanged to death (this was actually Jean's own doing to avoid suspicion). Legion of Doom | During her brief possession of the Spectre's powers, Black Alice uses them to help fellow Shadowpact member Nightshade send Eclipso into a perpetual orbit around the sun, weakening Eclipso's powers. Axis America | During the battle, Mary calls down the magic lightning bolt, removing Eclipso's power from Jean. Simon Stagg | Deadshot | Black Manta | Ra's al Ghul | [10] While inside the ring, she relates to Ray and Mera Nekron's origins: that he is the guardian of the darkness that existed before the light entered the universe. Hector Hammond | Anti-Monitor| Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea! Eclipso | Gender: Female Jean suffered a mental breakdown as revealed in the 2004 miniseries Identity Crisis. Killer Moth | Rama Khan | [9] Jean then uses Ray's own technology to shrink him, Mera and herself into the reanimated Damage's ring. Doctor Psycho | Genocide | Imperiex | The Shadowpact uses Black Alice's power to strip the Spectre of his own, leaving him defenseless. Brotherhood of Evil | Poison Ivy | Doctor Regulus | Demolition Team | Comic Book Network Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Doctor Light | Appellaxians | [1] The character appeared continually in minor roles until the 2004 storyline Identity Crisis, in which she suffered a mental breakdown and responsible for the deaths of Sue Dibny, wife of the Elongated Man, and Jack Drake, father of the third Robin (Tim Drake). Jean Loring makes an appearance in Alex Ross' Justice. Star Sapphire | Following the Rebirth event in 2015, it was revealed in Justice League of America #17 in late 2017 that the elements established in Identity Crisis had been retconned away, and Jean Loring was mentioned as being married once again to Ray Palmer. Ray proposed to Jean often, but she rejected him, wanting to make it as a lawyer before becoming a wife.

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