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4. Kathleen Dean Moore, Ph.D., is the award-winning author or co-editor of a dozen books. Kathleen Dean Moore: My first essay collections Riverwalking, Holdfast, and The Pine Island Paradox celebrated the wet, wild world. Her more recent work is about the moral issues of climate change. This book, filled with knowledge of the natural and human worlds, is a superb naturalist’s handbook. Call it broken-hearted. Moore now travels and speaks widely about the moral urgency of climate action. The question so seldom asked is the reciprocal: What does Earth ask of us? What does Earth ask of us? Does the adaptation effort privilege the wealthy and powerful, at unjustified cost to the poor and dispossessed? BAD GOOD. Wild Comfort book. You do not. Species adapt when individuals live or die, and adaptation happens faster when more of them die. Discover more authors you’ll love listening to on Audible. We share ideas that foster a socially and ecologically interconnected world. [2] As director, she co-founded an ancillary program, the Long-Term Ecological Reflections Project at the H.J. Her early creative nonfiction writing focused on the cultural and spiritual values of the natural world, especially shorelines and islands. Does the adaptation effort take urgency or resources away from the immediate, overriding moral necessity of stopping the fossil fuel-based destabilization of the climate? Are we tired? Or you can use Disqus as a guest. If adaptation delays or derails action to stop fossil fuel pollution, it will not, by any accounting, create the greatest good for the greatest number. Her forthcoming book, Piano Tide, is her first novel, telling the story of an Alaskan tidewater town's defense of their freshwater. "Environmental Arts and Humanities Initiative | College of Liberal Arts | Oregon State University", "Todd Ziebarth reviews Kathleen Dean Moore's Riverwalking: Reflections on Moving Water : Terrain.org", "The Sun Magazine | If Your House Is On Fire", "The Philosopher as Osprey: A Conversation with Kathleen Dean Moore", "Dr. Kathleen Dean Moore's Commencement Address", https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3GpQu0IpmM, Honorary Doctorate, State University of New York - FES. Edited by Kathleen Dean Moore and Michael P. Nelson, Foreword by Desmond Tutu. In 1969, she graduated with a B.A. Learn more about Kathleen Dean Moore. 2. She is co-editor of How It Is: The Native American Philosophy of V. F. Cordova and Rachel Carson: Legacy and Challenge. [1] During that time, Moore co-founded, with poet and philanthropist Franz Dolp, the Spring Creek Project for Ideas, Nature, and the Written Word, which she directed for 10 years. You could also do it yourself at any point in time. 5. Dikes, floodwalls, floating convention centers—the infrastructure of adaptation will have enormous carbon costs. A new invigoration of justice—or maybe it’s reverence and maybe it’s love—that honors the life-force in all beings. [3] Long interested in interdisciplinary environmental education, Moore designed Oregon State's Master of Arts in Environmental Arts and Humanities. Several of these are field courses, taking students to the high Cascades for intensive study. Long interested in innovative and interdisciplinary teaching, Moore is a two-time "Master Teacher" and the recipient of a number of teaching honors, including the “OSU Alumni Distinguished Professor Award." Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea! But as the years went on, the places I had celebrated began to disappear or degrade, frog marsh and meadow buried under asphalt in a Kmart parking lot, stinking of tar. And new-found moral courage, to refuse to be made into foot soldiers in aggressive wars against the Earth, but rather to live in ways that nourish a world that is whole and beautiful and sustaining. 2003, Distinguished Alumna, Berea High School Hall of Fame, Berea, Ohio. Rate Kathleen. Her most recent work is a collaboration with the concert pianist, Rachelle McCabe, to bring music to her messages about global extinction.

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