kawa language

The three dialects of Wa (and their respective subdialects) according to Zhou, et al. This package has nothing to do with the defunct Kawa commercial Java IDE. Kawa appears to have been the first scripting language to be compiled directly to Java bytescodes, and is the oldest still-active functional language on the JVM. Others. However, tone has developed in some of the dialects. Options for controlling output formatting, 2.1.5. Put this file in appdir/path, and point your browser to http://localhost:8888/path. Reaper Extenstion / ReaScripts Reaper Extension/ReaScript For Cockos REAPER Digital Audio Workstation. see License. Wa (Va) is an Austroasiatic language spoken by the Wa people of Myanmar and China. Of languages still in use and active development today, Kawa and Netrexx are (to my knowledge) the oldest, both created in 1996. This will invoke a Java method, and does the same thing as object.method(argument, ...) in Java. Since Kawa is an expression language, the minimal Hello, worldprogram is just: Macros allow syntactic extension, and can be defined in libraries just like functions. Watkins, Justin (2010) 'Topicalisation, focus-clefts and stranded prepositions in Wa' In: 20th Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society, 10–11 June 2010, University of Zurich. no required compilation step); with. It includes and implementation of the Scheme programming language with extensions to provide useful integration with the JDK and other Java classes. We are looking for contributors to fill all 24 slot and would love to have your contribution! [14], In 1956, a transcription adapted to the new pinyin romanization, known as new Wa orthography, "PRC orthography" or "Chinese orthography", was developed for the Wa people in China. Mapping Scheme names to Java names, Zhou Zhizhi [周植志], Yan Qixiang [颜其香], Chen Guoqing [陈国庆]. Functions for accessing HTTP requests, 3.18.6. Development. Leiden: Brill. KRL - The Kawa Report Language for generating XML/HTML, This combined with optional type declarations make it straightforward to write code that is as efficient as Java or Scala – and many times faster than languages like JRuby or Clojure. A language known as Bujiao 补角 (autonym: Puga 仆嘎) in Mengla County was mentioned in Yunnan (1960)[8] The Bujiao were classified as ethnic Bulang and had a population of 212 in 1960. The phonetics of Wa: experimental phonetics, phonology, orthography and sociolinguistics. Want to write for the blog? 3. Getting and installing Kawa Atlas of the world's languages. 2018/01/16 : kawaScript2 Added Automation Items section. Nā ngā kaumātua o Te Arawa i wewete ngā tapu o ōna whakairo, i karakia te karakia o te waere, te kawa, te toki, te takapou (TTT 1/10/1922:8). We use Carthage as a dependency manager. Kawa is redefining asset management by providing accredited investors solutions to build tailored alternative portfolios.Established in Miami, FL in 2007, Kawa Capital Management currently has over $1 billion in assets under management. It was led by William Marcus Young, from Nebraska. This page has a simple example and up-to-date instructions. It is a part of the GNU Project. You don't need to specify the types of variables – but you can: Doing so helps document your program, may allow the compiler to generate faster code, and may allow the compiler to catch errors and inconsistencies. Bradley, David. 2004. The Kwa languages are divided into two groups. David Bradley (1994) estimates there are total of 820,000 Wa speakers.

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