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It tells a Cherokee folktale, in which the sun resolves a quarrel be-tween a husband and wife by creating a series of delicious berries. The flower buds formed last fall and were tucked away under a layer of straw for the winter. It ends with the creation of a lovely fruit that looks like red fire in the grass — Put up Eat a Rainbow poster or make a collage of clipart that shows the colors of fruit that are recommended to eat—red, green, yellow/orange, blue/purple, white/tan. It tells of when the world was new, the Creator made a man and a woman who married and lived happily together. The First Strawberries: A Cherokee Story Nutrition ACTI VITY iGrow readers 1 Eat Your Colors Directions: 1. "The First Strawberries" is a Cherokee folktale about how the first strawberries came to be. Strawberries are among the first fruit to ripen in the Northeast. The First Strawberries is a Cherokee story with gorgeous illustrations. Then an early-spring heat wave pushed the plants along. Explain to students that

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