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", "Evil Jerry", "Totally Busted"). Mandy is an antagonist in the Totally Spies series. In "Totally Busted", Mandy was infected by the SUDS, along with Caitlin and Dominique, and they were transformed into spy-sassins. She has a high, squeaky voice with a nasal laugh. [17] In season 3, when the spies move into their villa, Mandy ends up becoming their next-door neighbor. She apparently may have inherited these negative traits from her mother, Phoebe. Her primary outfit is been slightly altered like Clover's primary outfit. The Movie" Mandy instantly went on the offensive and attacked Clover, Sam, and Alex. After an avalanche incident, Mandy and her cronies kidnap the spies to The Groove (Beverly Hills' main shopping center where Mandy says she does her deepest thinking). In comparison, Clover is always attacked as an individual. In "Evil Graduation", although she entertains the idea of staying in high school forever like Chet, she graduates along with the other girls. Her theme color is magenta or fuchisa. She is also frequently saved by the spies from the villains who have a vendetta against her. [af] In season 6, she employs an intern named Trent.[ag]. When Clover joins, not knowing it was Mandy's fan club, she makes Clover massage her feet. She often calls the girls, "losers", and is considered spoiled, bratty, obnoxious, and annoying to the girls. In Season 1 - Season 4, Mandy is often accompanied by her two BFFs/yes-women Caitlin (Alex's rival) and Dominique (Sam's rival). Mandy will go out of her way to annoy the girls and will even use dishonest means in order to do it. Being a model of the "popular teenager" stereotype (in her own opinion), she is shown to be stylish, popular, and pretty (at least in her own opinion) but is also bratty, materialistic, snobbish, egocentric, arrogant, cruel and downright maleficent. [g][ah] Usually when she does discover they are spies, she gets her memory erased following the situation. In "Baddies on a Blimp" Mandy is mentioned by Blaine after he tells Clover that he had enough of dating L.A. girls and she was the last L.A. girl to be dated by him. Mandy's comments tend to be centered around Alex's social standing. In "Grabbing the Bully by the Horns", it is revealed that Mandy was one of Timmy's childhood bullies. "; is a long sleeveless purple dress. In "The Anti-Social Network", it is shown that Mandy did not accept Telly Hardwire's online friend request in high school. This implies that they were simply "high school friends" and not genuine friends. Mandy is the main antagonist in "Totally Spies!" [ae] In the first four seasons, she is accompanied by her crony friends Dominique and Caitlin. Mandy is an antagonist in the Totally Spies series. "Mandy" may be referring to two or more different villains. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The two girls have apparently hated each other ever since they met, according to a comment Sam made in "Attack of the 50 Foot Mandy". ("Computer Creep Much? However, Mandy does actually have a nicer side to her personality, but whenever she becomes nice to people, it never lasts long and she goes back to being mean and selfish if she is provoked in one way or another. Mandy shows her belief that she is the best at "everything" shown in the "Black Widows" prior the Spelling Bee and in "Sis-KaBOOM-Bah!". In "Malled" Mandy attempted to frame Clover for shoplifting even though Sam was the person who made the verbal counterattack. She has a snobby attitude and is almost always there for Mandy, but until Season 4, there was very little actually loyalty between the 3 girls. her red skirt changes to pink, while in "Astro-Not", her jacket is replaced with a different shaded purple jersey jacket and her tank top is white. D&D Beyond In the episode "Evil Coffee Shop Much? In Season 6's two part finale of “So Totally Versailles!” Mandy wears a light purple/violet and white long-sleeved dress as her hair is transformed into a classic styled look and her black wig is extended into Marie Antoinette styled ringlets.

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