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We are grateful to all, who will leave his opinion, the withdrawal or addition to our description of the Opel Manta. The Mirage's steel space frame chassis was fitted with a high-output V8 engine and four-speed transaxle. Therefore, Opel closed the project, leaving the five cars as the total production number. Both Manta versions received a facelift in 1982, which included a plastic front spoiler, sideskirts for the GT/E and GSi models, a small wing at the rear and quadruple air intakes on the grille. This shape was also not unique, being available on the Vauxhall Cavalier Sports Hatch variant. In 1985, Irmscher bought 29,400 cars from Opel, which were on stock.

This two-door "three-box" car was mechanically based directly on the then newly redesigned Opel Ascona, but the overall design was influenced by the 1975 Chevrolet Monza.The Manta had more "sporty" styling, including a droop-snoot nose not seen on the Ascona, which was similar to the UK equivalent of the Ascona, the Cavalier Mk1. The Manta A was one of only a few Opel models sold in the U.S. Opels were imported by GM and sold through Buick dealerships and not their own dealership network, so they were limited in what makes and models they could sell there. [4], Engines were available ranging from the small 1.2-litre OHV engine, the 1.6-litre CIH and the 1.9-litre CIH. To solve this quickly, Transeurop Engineering tried to get Opel to join the project using Opel's earlier experiences with the transformation, but with no success.

), which was the British importer and builder of Opel cars in Britain, was so enthusiastic about the cars that he had D.O.T. In addition to sports Opel Manta produced a version with the engine 1.2 liters, razgonyavshiysya up to 150 km/hour. Sólo hay 5 en stock. [citation needed].

Yet in Europe, this feature was only available on the high-end GT/E models, which also sported fog lamps and lower front spoilers, which were not offered on any of the U.S.-spec Manta models.

The Manta was even sold as the "1900 Sport Coupé" in 1971 and 1972, rather than as the "Manta". Both projects started approximately at the same time (around 1972 or 1973). It could run 14 km per litre and use unleaded fuel.

Was equipped with a body "pure coupe" 2+2 with round double headlamps, front and rear. Also in 1976, the GT/E engine from the Manta A series was adapted into the Manta B programme spawning the GT/E Manta B series. The 1.9-litre engine gave way to the 2.0 litre S engine which was aspirated by a Varajet II carburettor. Opel Manta with a marker "B" was produced since 1975, and his body is significantly altered. The problem was that the heads had already been built, so the heads were made to fit on the CIH type 4-cylinder engine block. 477 likes. Back in the day when Opel was not chasing after the crossover and SUV segments, its lineup included a rear-wheel drive two-door coupe, the Manta, which is turning 50 this year. The outcome was a 1.9-litre engine which generated 156 bhp (116 kW), with acceleration from 0–60 mph (97 km/h) in 7.6 seconds. A very accurate reproduction of the classic 1953 Corvette was to be added to their product line, and although a prototype was built, Manta Cars ceased production in 1986, having sold about 1,000 factory-built and component cars. This consisted of twin round headlights in a plastic cover, front spoiler and rear lower spoiler from Irmscher, sideskirts and the known 3 split rear spoiler of the Manta 400 (producing 80 kg (176 lb) of weight on the rear at 200 km/h).

The bodywork was all hand-laid fiberglass, colored in a range of gel-coat colors.

If you look closely, the proportions and overall size are very different. Gull-wing doors were fitted to a removable top section, while the doors flip forward for entry. Read Also: A Brief History Of Opel’s Compact Station Wagons.

Para disfrutar de nuestra ciudad con total seguridad y confort, tenemos todo tipo de automóviles, camionertas, busetas y todo terreno para que escoja el que más se adapte a su necesidad.

Mechanically, the only difference was the gear ratios in the models with manual transmissions, and the Rallye model came with standard stiffer suspension, a tighter turning radius, and very aggressive front caster adjustments.

The Mirage, originally referred to as just the "Manta", or the "Manta Can-Am", was a lightweight, road-legal racing car. In the UK, the Exclusive GT/E models were available in colours such as Dolphin Grey with matching dark grey cloth seats with red piping. The Ascona 400 model was the more successful of the two, largely due to better weight distribution. There was also the i240, which is rarer as only 300 were produced, it is fitted with the i400 engine block but using a normal eight-valve cast-iron head from the 2.0E engine.

The last year GM imported European-made Opels into the United States under the Opel marque was 1975. Obtenga más información acerca de los productos patrocinados. Also of note is that the 1974–75 Manta models had large aluminium 5 mph (8 km/h) bumpers to comply with U.S. crash standards of the time; European Mantas did not receive the large bumpers.

Looking for the Opel Manta of your dreams? Offered as a two-door coupe and three-door hatchback, the first-gen Manta shared the underbody and engines with the Ascona family car. So they built an unusual engine using a 2.0-litre engine block and a forged crankshaft with 85mm stroke and ended with a 2.4-litre engine block. Transeurop Engineering therefore turned to Opel's best tuner of the time, Steinmetz. Very few of these cars exist today, as most were used in rally and motorsport events. Productos que has visto recientemente y recomendaciones destacadas, Amazon Prime: envíos rápidos, GRATIS e ilimitados y mucho más. Todos los derechos reservados. Una vez que hayas visto páginas de detalles del producto, busca aquí la manera más fácil de navegar hasta las páginas en las que estás interesado. Cosworth was given the task to develop a 16-valve 2-cam head for the CIH spec engine block, and Irmscher who earlier in 1977 and 78 had proven that they knew their way around an Opel building the i2800, was to design the exterior and interior of the cars. Opel joined forces with German tuner Irmscher and Cosworth in Britain, to make the 400. All Opel badging was removed from the cars and replaced by the "TE" logo.

The European market had a number of different versions. The turbocharger had halved the economy of the car, and building it was also costly.

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But Transeurop Engineering did not agree, and a 2.8-litre CIH-type engine was essentially taken from the Opel Commodore 2.8GS model and fitted into the engine bay of the Manta 1.9SR. Opel Turbomanta,

First presented at the 1985 Geneva Motor Show, it produces 136 PS (100 kW; 134 hp) and has a claimed top speed of 200 km/h (124 mph).

The British company Broadspeed was chosen to build the turbo cars, and eventually started building five left-hand drive cars for the German Opel AG. The Irmscher i240 Dakar (front). Selecciona el departamento que quieras buscar, Bedsure Manta Reversible de Franela/Sherpa 150x200cm - Manta para Cama 90 de 100% Microfibra Extra Suave - Manta de Felpa Gris, Bedsure Batamanta Polar Mujer Hombre Sofa - Manta con Mangas y Bolsillo para Pies de TV,Blanket Hoodie Suave y Acogedor,Gris,170x200cm, AmazonBasics - Manta de piel sintética, 150 x 200 cm, color gris, RATEL Mantas para Sofa Gris 150×200cm, Mantas para Cama Mejorada 420GSM, Manta de Microfibra 100% Supersuave - Fácil De Cuidar- Ligera, Cálida, Cómoda Y Duradera, ZOLLNER Batamanta de coralina, 170x200 cm, Color Topo, en Otros Colores, ZOLLNER Manta imitación Piel de Pelo Largo, Gris-Blanco, 240x220 cm, Otra Medida, Manta Gräfenstayn® - Muchos tamaños y colores diferentes - Manta de microfibra Manta para sala de estar Manta para cama - Fibra polar de microfibra de franela (Turquesa, 200x150 cm), Beautissu XXL Manta de sofá y Cama Aurelia Suave cálida 220x240cm Microfibra Forro Polar Coral ÖKO-Tex Antracita, Herding Disney - Manta de Microfibra (poliéster, 150 x 200 cm), diseño de Mickey y Minnie, Herr der Ringe El Señor de los Anillos Mapa de la Tierra Media Manta de vellón Beige 200x220cm, FOREN TEX Manta para Cama y sófa Franela con Sherpa Blanca (3086 +Bajera, Cama 150) Llevan Fundas de Almohada (50x70) más una Bajera Ajustable Extra Suave Súper Cálida, Brentfords Manta con Peso de 8 kg para Adultos y Adolescentes niños Terapia sensorial ansiedad Autismo insomnio Alivio del estrés, tamaño King Color Gris Plata 150 x 200 cm (7 kg), Yoofoss Manta de Forro Polar de Edredón Gris a Cuadros de 150x200cm Cama y Manta Cálida Gris Oscuro para Todas Las Estaciones en Microfibra Suave, TIENDA EURASIA® Mantas para Sofá de Terciopelo - Material 100% Microfibra - Tacto Suave Sedalina, Manta de Microfibra Color sólido, Mantas para Sofás, Suave, Microfibre Extra Suave, Multifuncional para sofá, Cama, Viajes, Viajes, Adultos, niños, Animales, Yaxinduobao Timothee Chalamet Manta para Todas Las Estaciones, súper Suave, Ligera y acogedora, Manta para Cama, Aire Acondicionado, edredón, sofá, 50 x 40 Pulgadas, H&H Blush - Manta de forro polar para sofá, cama, para viaje, no trituración, para todas las estaciones, 150 x 200 cm, JOLY FANG Manta de Cola de Sirena, Hecho a Mano de Punto Manta Sirena para niños, Todas Las Estaciones cálido sofá Sala de Estar Manta, Regalos de Las Mejores niñas cumpleaños de Navidad, Hachete - Manta con diseño de piqué suave y cálida, para sofá, cama o viajes, H&H Manta de forro polar para sofá cama, mullido y no triturado para viajes en todas las estaciones, regalo cálido, súper suave, 150 x 200 cm, Manta para niños de Comb Hai, saco de dormir, muy suave y cómodo, para todas las estaciones, para el sofá, para el salón, para Navidad, regalo de cumpleaños para niños y adolescentes, Manta eléctrica calentada debajo de la cama, control de edredón super acogedor lavable polar calentado manta manta manta, Manta de lana merina y cachemira cálida y suave para cama y sofá, 40 x 160 pulgadas, 90% lana merino y 10% cachemira, Herding Disney - Manta (poliéster, 130 x 160 cm), diseño de El Rey León, ZZZNEST Bambú Manta Ponderada, Fresca Sedosa, Tanspirable co. Esto son anuncios correspondientes a productos que encontrará en

Most were basic trim packages, the most popular being the "Berlinetta", which was similar to the Luxus but included rubber trim on the bumpers (standard on all 1973 U.S. Opel Mantas), vinyl roof, and other miscellaneous features. Engine capacity of 1.6 allowed to accelerate to 164 km/h, motor 1,9 - up to 188 km/hour. [citation needed], The Manta 400 was produced in a total of 245 specimens following the homologation regulations by FISA (today FIA).

The one exception was the 1975 Opel, which offered the GT/E and a number of special editions based on the GT/E. The Rallye model was, overall, an appearance and gauge package, the most noticeable difference being the addition of a black hood, and on 1970–1973 models, fog lamps. Sep 22, 2020 - Explore Bill Ulrich's board "Opel Manta" on Pinterest. Opel Manta B on the Nürburgring, still races to this day. The downside to this was fuel consumption. [6] The GT/E was renamed and was called the GSi from 1983 (except in the UK where the GT/E name continued). The only thing identifying that the car was indeed a Turbo Manta was a small sign at the rear quarter of the rear wings saying "turbo". Los clientes de Amazon Prime disfrutan de Envío en 1 día GRATIS en dos millones de productos y Envío en 2 o 3 días en millones de productos más, Acceso a series y películas en Prime Video, incluyendo las series Amazon Originals, más de 2 millones de canciones y cientos de listas de reproducción sin publicidad con Prime Music, cientos de eBooks en Prime Reading, Acceso Prioritario a las Ofertas flash y Almacenamiento de fotos gratis e ilimitado en Amazon Drive. However, Japanese products like the Honda Prelude and Toyota Celica were enjoying a rise in popularity at this time, while Audi had done well in this sector since launching the Coupe/Quattro in 1980, and Volkswagen had also achieved strong sales of its second generation Scirocco (launched in 1981). Produced Opel Manta with engines of 1.6 and 1.9 liters, the last - in small batches.Engine capacity of 1.6 allowed to a

Several special editions followed, including the Holiday, Plus, Swinger and Summer Bazar, topped by the GT/E that was launched in 1974 with a 105 HP 1.9-liter fuel-injected engine. [citation needed] If not for the big 1980s fuel crisis being at its worst at that time, several are sure that Opel would have adapted the idea and built a series of 6-cylinder Mantas.

Detailed technical specifications and description of the model is available here. Although the TE2800 is the fastest Manta A ever made, it is not officially an Opel. The engine was still the 2.8-litre unit from the Commodore GS and this was originally fitted with two Zenith carburettors. En Manta Car encontrara el vehículo que usted necesita.

There were two different special models made of the Manta A. The i200 used a tuned 2.0E engine delivering 125 PS (92 kW). Manta is Where Small Business Grows. The Montage-T recreated the elusive McLaren M6GT. The sales approach for the Opel line in the U.S. market was equally unusual. There are currently 2 Opel Manta cars as well as thousands of other iconic classic and collectors cars for sale on Classic Driver.

It came with either a four-speed manual or a three-speed TH-180 automatic.

With over a million units made, the Manta was a success for Opel and was eventually replaced by the Calibra.

With curb weights as light as 1,900 lb (860 kg), the cars could be built by the factory or their owners to be extremely fast. Manta Mirage. Two years after production started, Opel introduced a more luxurious variant, dubbed the Manta Berlinetta. The reason they were used for the 400 project was that in 1977 they had taken a 1977 Manta B 1.9S and put in a 2.8-litre H spec engine from the Opel Admiral of that time.
Manta Cars was owned and operated by American brothers Brad and Tim LoVette, and was located in Costa Mesa, California, from 1974 to 1986 (Manta Cars moved their production facility and showroom to 2914 Halladay Avenue, Santa Ana, California around 1980).

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