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Cartoons. Faced with an empty slot where the sixth Mina short was slated to go, Fred Seibert tasked Renzetti to come up with three new ideas. Once again, Jenny proved that Armagedroid's worst enemy was himself, as she convinced him that he himself was a weapon. With no clue as to self-preservation or irony, Armagedroid became confused and literally tore himself apart upon hearing those words. repeatedly yelling "surrender!" Although his age in the series is confirmed to be 15, a mishap in the space-time continuum caused him to live 75 years in space, doing odd jobs to earn money, and even captaining a space pirate ship. Category:Characters | My Life As A Teenage Robot Wiki | Fandom. His skill has led to his creating a robot known as Model No. Eventually, in "Designing Women", Vexus grew tired of Jenny always defeating her drones with the seemingly endless gadgets she can pull out at will. (Voiced by Tara Strong). Created by Dr. Wakeman about twenty years before Jenny, Armagedroid (Model No. Their plan is thwarted when Brit and two other students—Jenny's partners for a history project at school—come to her aide. She was seen in The last of us. Despite being only human, Dr. Wakeman shows no reluctance in fighting when necessary. She has a noticeable habit of pronouncing a one syllable word as two, most notably her pronunciation of the word nine as ny-ine. It is unknown how and when they were rescued and returned home. One day later he is 15 again. Being skilled in robotics, Sheldon has created gadgets and modifications for Jenny, usually very unnecessarily bulky and extravagant, as well as doing minor repair work. [21], Jenny was featured as a playable character in the PlayStation 2/Wii and Nintendo DS versions of Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots with Janice Kawaye reprising her role as the character. She had a crush on Brad, as revealed in the episode Ball and Chain, where she tries to force Brad to marry her. Pteresa is Caucasian while Jantrice is Asian-American and Stephanie is African-American. Vladimir returns in the season three episode "The Legion of Evil" where he forms a group of Jenny's old foes—Lancer, the Mudslinger, and the Mad Hammer Brothers—to exact their revenge on Jenny and steal a priceless Egyptian pillow made entirely of diamond. In this episode, Krackus appears to be rather absent-minded, as he continues to forget Jenny's name. In the season three episode "Queen Bee," the Crust Cousins help Vexus (disguised as a teenage robot named "Vicky") to become cool at Tremorton High in order to initiate a plan to destroy Jenny under her radar. My Life as a Teenage Robot is set in the fictional town of Tremorton and its themes focus on making lighthearted fun of typical teenage problems and other conventions and drama of the teenage and superhero lives mixed up with a combination of action, adventure, sci-fi fantasy and comedy sequences. Brit exposes stereotypes of the stuck-up rich girl with a London accent whereas Tiff acts like a street-smart punk girl who speaks in African-American Vernacular English despite appearing Caucasian, although creator Rob Renzetti confirmed in a fan-reply on Twitter that Tiff was indeed biracial. She possesses many dangerous robotic weapons that rival Jenny's power. My Life as a Teenage Robot, or Teenage Robot (abbreviated as MLAATR), is an American animated superhero science fantasy television series created by Rob Renzetti for Nickelodeon.It was produced by Frederator Studios in association with Nickelodeon Animation Studio. This is a list of characters from the Nickelodeon animated series My Life as a Teenage Robot Main characters Jenny Wakeman. [citation needed]. They are often seen harassing XJ-9 for "unauthorized" aviation. Unfortunately, he is capable of almost anything to show he really is dangerous, including reconstructing Armagedroid to do his bidding. My Life as a Teenage Robot is an animated television series, produced by Frederator Studios for the Nickelodeon cable channel and distributed by Nelvana Limited outside of the US.. MLaaTR stars a 6-foot tall robot girl named XJ-9, but she likes to call herself "Jenny". Krackus (voiced by Jim Ward) is a crackpot inventor of the Cluster and seen as a joke, even by his own race, as his creations are known for falling apart. My Life As A Teenage Robot Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Jenny and Kenny fell in love and secretly started dating; but Jenny broke up with Kenny when their parents disapproved, and when Jenny found out about Kenny’s canine programming. The Space Bikers are a gang of alien bikers (most of the gang is made up of women, while only one of them is a male) who like to cause mayhem on Earth. She was preceded in development by eight other models; in season one, the episode "Sibling Tsunami" introduced XJs 1–8. Jenny often rejects his romantic advances, but still cares for him as a friend. She asked Jenny to stay in Cluster Prime, but Jenny claimed that she belonged on Earth. "[13] Joly Herman of Common Sense Media wrote more negatively of the show, saying that, "Though it looks cool and has an upbeat energy, the show can be a bit of a drag. Robot Jones?, and Samurai Jack, Renzetti returned to Nickelodeon to start the Teenage Robot series. Melody Locus (Model No. After the townsfolk shun Jenny for the damage to the town and the ruined festivities, Jenny is left to clean up the mess, and she accidentally stumbles through the Cluster portal, landing in her enemies' home planet. In "Escape from Cluster Prime", when Vexus launched her invasion on the Earth, Smytus was put in charge of enslaving everybody on Earth and putting them to work building more robots for their army. Melody was created by the villainous mad scientist, Dr. Locus, who is also her father. The Crusts had no other choice but to remove the devices they had planted earlier, so they wouldn't "remain as social outcasts". Mr. Scruffles speaks in a distinct Eastern European accent and bears a grudge against the elderly scientist for mutating his and the other lab rats' front paws and tails in Mickey Mouse fashion. (Voiced by Janice Kawaye) Tammy is part of Letta's Space Bikers gang who speaks in a high, squeaky voice. The series follows XJ-9 ("Jenny Wakeman", as she prefers to be called; voiced by Janice Kawaye), who is a highly sophisticated state-of-the-art sentient gynoid automaton robot girl created by her mother Dr. Nora Wakeman (Candi Milo), an elderly robotics scientist, five years prior to the series. Jenny's friends are her next-door neighbors Brad (Chad Doreck) and Tuck Carbuckle (Audrey Wasilewski). Later, Smytus managed to catch Jenny in a trap and then assimilate her into the Cluster, an act that sent out a distress signal which automatically reactivated prototypes XJ-1 through -8. With the Crust cousins in control of the crystals, Smytus quickly lost and was shrunk to the size of a beetle (it is unknown how he later returned to normal). He has even done more extreme modifications when requested by XJ-9, usually when Dr. Wakeman refuses to do them herself. As a result, Mogg’s robot son, YK-9, or “Kenny” as he renames himself, makes his appearance in "Love 'Em or Leash 'Em", designed to be the perfect teenage robot boy — though he is also programmed to be part dog. She also has a difficult time with modern-day slang and other teenage fads, earning Jenny's annoyance on many occasions. He appeared again in "Trash Talk", where he took part in Vexus and Smytus' scheme to drain Jenny's energy. Forgive the lack of activity from the Admins, both of us have been busy. XJ-9) (voiced by Janice Kawaye) is the main protagonist and the "reliable/teenage rent-a-robot" to which the title mostly refers, a state-of-the-art sentient self-driving gynoid mech created by her mother, Dr. Wakeman, five years prior to the series. However, Brad and Tuck find the master power switch and shut the toys down. The fight over the Pip-Crystals ended with Jenny cleverly showed the Crust cousins an article deeming crystals out of style, and the crystal-covered gowns were locked away. Cartoons! Though the show's depiction of teendom is somewhat outdated, the cliches actually end up working in favor of the humor. Dr. Phineas Mogg is a scientist who has a bitter rivalry with Dr. Noreen Wakeman that dates way back. In "Toying with Jenny", he teamed up with Vexus and disguised themselves as G. Petto in order to trick Jenny into making toy versions of her, which were evil toys to destroy her. Since this wiki is fan managed it means that anybody is free to add what they know about the series. 1 History 1.1 Origins 1.2 Vexus' Reign 1.3 Vega's Reign 2 Members 3 Gallery 4 Navigation The Cluster live at Cluster Prime, a place where robots live. My Life as a Teenage Robot, or Teenage Robot (abbreviated as MLAATR), is an American animated superhero science fantasy television series created by Rob Renzetti for Nickelodeon. However, his attitude changed about her when she defeated Vexus' army, and he later set to work on designing his own version of her. Throughout the series Sheldon has saved Jenny quite a few times and helped her fight off villains; deeply grateful for Sheldon's utmost loyalty to her, Jenny has shown genuine feelings of affection for him, kissing him on the cheek twice. Upon first meeting them, Jenny was eager to be friends with Brit and Tiff and was oblivious to their displeasure towards her, but she soon began seeing them as they truly were and became their biggest rival at Tremorton High. This page was last edited on 31 October 2020, at 23:41. Fans of the show often speculate on whether Jenny would have ended up with Sheldon or Brad. He kept trying to have Jenny shut down until, in A Spoonful of Mayhem, he was fired from the force. Action Hero Bradley "Bad Brad the Amazing Armor Lad" Carbunkle (voiced by Chad Doreck) is Tuck's older brother and Jenny's best friend and next-door neighbor. Mr. Vladimir Scruffles is one of Dr. Wakeman's lab rats. During Jenny's time on Cluster Prime, she realizes that Vexus has been lying to her people. The Crust Cousins run into Vexus, and take her with them, and she would learn slang. Go ahead, try it out! On the next day, Brit & Tiff introduce Vexus as "Vicky", and she was able to beat Jenny in "fitting in and being popular". These two are the popular girls in school and will do anything to humiliate Jenny (even getting help from the Mudslinger, a grungy reporter, at one point). It's also revealed that Vexus has made Jenny out to be a villain due to her constant refusals to join, blaming her for the missing components that allow robots to transform; Vexus actually has them hidden, to help control the populace.

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