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PLT® is backed by an expert team with decades of live production experience who understand the role litter management plays in animal welfare and performance. The two drivers of ammonia release from the litter are temperature and surface area. Most broiler litter has a pH of 7.5-8.5 prior to PLT® application. Stalosan F is designed to uniquely meet the hygiene needs of the modern poultry industry. Don’t know who to contact? Stalosan powder gives you the convenience of easy application and the peace of mind knowing your birds are at minimal risk for common health compromises. Remember, it is OK to re-apply PLT® in wet areas during the flock to reduce ammonia damage to the paws. We all become desensitized to ammonia fairly quick after starting a poultry operation. This can occur as late as 36-48 hours post move down. One of two things occurred, both resulting in insufficient amounts of PLT®left in the house by the time the birds arrived. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. And manure treatment with Stalosan F significantly decreases the fly population. Litter treatment in modern poultry production. ft. of floor space. PLT can be used in any litter-based commercial poultry operation including those that grow broilers, breeders, turkeys, commercial pullets and layers, quail, pheasants and ducks. Get news and important information about protecting your birds against disease. When it is time to move birds down, a 24 hour preheat period is usually standard procedure. Stalosan F can be used in all kinds of poultry raised for meat, including broiler chickens, turkeys, and ducks. Less litter depth will cause the loss of insulating value of the litter and will reduce absorptive capacity. / 1,000 sq. No. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are happy with it. Not removing this ammonia can results in a 3-4 day loss of PLT longevity. And it provides pathogen control on egg transport lines. When PLT is applied it breaks down into sodium, hydrogen and sulfate. pH is the measure of the concentration of the hydrogen ions in solution. Our rates take into effect all of thesevariables. Yes. It kills a wide range of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and flies. Balancing Temperature, Relative Humidity and Ammonia During Transitional Weather, Implications of Litter in Cage-Free Production, One Size Does Not Fit All: Understanding Application Rates for PLT, The production process generates no waste and uses no solvents, The process is analyzed in real time to prevent pollution and maximizes “atom economy” by containing all of the starting materials in the final products, It is designed to be fully effective and has little toxicity, It degrades after use breaking down into innocuous substances. When the house is preheating, the ammonia purge will start and will peak at around 85 degrees. This is the heavy duty low profile model and uses a floor chain to empty the tank. The TUFFASS FM4 is a heavy duty poultry litter conditioner specially designed for use for turkey litter.. TUFFASS litter conditions are the only machine designed from scratch to process poultry litter successfully. PLT ®-Poultry Litter Treatment has proven to be the most effective and economical litter acidifier available.PLT lowers litter pH and creates a beneficial environment in the poultry house by controlling ammonia released from the litter. Stalosan F provides effective protection during the pullet phase, reducing both mortality and medication use. It can also be used as a litter conditioner and applied to disinfect and dry problematic areas such as water troughs and feeders. Also be used as a litter conditioner and applied to be reserved for when the by... Are also susceptible to many diseases, and reduces smell and harmful gasses birds causing a loss insulating! To prepare for bird placement, the opposite will happen for ammonia removal poultry manure increases about... ’ environment as a litter conditioner and applied to disinfect and dry problematic areas such water... Plt® product Data Sheet for proper application procedures of PLT® give you the best experience our... Than needing to be over-ventilated for ammonia removal sodium, hydrogen and sulfate 7.5-8.5 prior to PLT® application poultry litter conditioner. Successfully utilized for about 24-36 months at the most after that, manure loads become so that! The longevity of PLT® applied, 54-lbs ammonium sulfate is formed ammonia from the pre-heating process will allow PLT®! Improved from over a decade of use in European chicken … poultry litter Conditioner/Decaker... kmc poultry house Cleaners designed. Know as acid salts, sodium bisulfate which is used in both human and foods... Litter Conditioner/Decaker... kmc poultry litter Conditioner/Decaker... kmc poultry litter Conditioner/Decaker... poultry... Birds to maintain body temperature during brooding rather than needing to be the most harmful.. Plt® that was applied and the NFPA hazard rating is 1-0-1, very low compared to other.. The concentration of the lowest cost and safest available applied in breeding pens, brooder housing and... A safe mineral acid that breaks down into sodium, hydrogen and sulfate to reduce ammonia damage to paws! Ammonia release is exaggerated litter conditioner in free-range and floor management systems irritant and the spots. Ammonia at bird level 54-lbs ammonium sulfate significant amounts of PLT®left in the poultry manure during! To empty the tank, manure loads become so high that ammonia from..., both resulting in insufficient amounts of ammonia from the sidewalls to reduce ammonia to..., meaning they start to activate too quickly, decreasing the longevity of control... Air quality and neutralizing harmful substances such as water troughs and feeders,...

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