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The Coryell system, which developed alongside the Air Coryell offense, is based on a numerical code known as a "route tree". It should be no surprise that the Ravens topped the league in RBWR, helping them lead all teams in both total yards and efficiency. After studying the running game for months, I can understand its allure to coaches. The central idea is to capture the goals of run defense: the "fit/fill" (filling a gap), the "spill" (penetrating the line) and the "force" (containing the outside run). Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports. Based on the raw player-tracking data from the NFL's Next Gen Stats platform, these metrics measure block execution throughout the course of every run … Similar to pass rush win rate (PRWR) and pass block win rate (PBWR), our RSWR and RBWR metrics provide objective statistics at the core of the sport for players at positions who traditionally lacked meaningful metrics. Advanced NFL Statistics. The defensive lineman's responsibility is to prevent the offensive line from opening up running lanes for the running back or to sack the quarterback, depending on whether the play is a passing or running play. Pain in the ass interface, but really valuable data. Our content, rankings, member blogs, promotions and forum discussion all cater to the players that like to create a new fantasy team every day of the week. In the running game, double-team blocks are one of the harder things for an offensive lineman to do. Samuel (30.0%) and Jacksonville Jaguars’ Chris Conley (33.3%)  finished 33rd and 32nd, respectively. Over the past two seasons, Bell also averages 63.9 snaps per game, or about 11.8 more per game than the next-closest running back (Ezekiel Elliott). Generally, a member of the opposing team moves into position to catch the ball. Standard returns: The biggest choice facing a kick returner is whether to attempt to run the ball back. Teams usually try a return only when a very long field goal is attempted at the end of the first half or in the closing seconds of a tied game, since in all other cases it is more advantageous for the defense to just let the ball fall short. There's a weekly snaps & target analysis on detailed stuff is on Profootballfocus, but I think you have to pay.You can visit each team page of the SB Nation sister sites for detailed snap count, targets for each team, but each site is one team specific.You can also sort by targets on the yahoo free agent/player list that comes up when you're looking to add a player. The remaining players block the opposing team, whose members try to break through the protective circle to block the kick or bat it aside for a chance to intercept the ball. The Packers' fix: Defensive help, a new scheme or another receiver? It makes sense intuitively, as the more routes you run, the more targets you have available to you. Woods led all qualifying receivers in yards per route run from the slot at 2.55. Offense is blue, the ball carrier is green, and the defense is orange. You can find snap counts here. NFL snap counts are courtesy of the NFL Game Statistics and Information System. The holder positions the ball so that the kicker – moving from a short distance away – can quickly get into position and accurately kick the ball through the goalposts. On defense, there are three types of players: linemen, linebackers, and defensive backs (also called secondary players). It's exceptionally strategic on multiple levels; the main broadcast view of the game does the running game an injustice. Additionally, these metrics are designed to be as independent as possible from the skill and performance of the runner, so we can now better assess running back performance. Use the drop-down menus to search snap counts for a specific team, week, position, or year. When one of the linemen or linebackers is removed and an additional defensive back is added, common alignments of these five defensive back packages are the "nickel" package, which includes 3 CB, 1 SS, and 1 FS, and the "3–3–5," which is a nickel package variant that includes either 2 CB, 2 SS, and 1 FS, or 3 CB, 1 SS, and 1 FS like the standard nickel package. Happily, players' year-to-year RBWR and RSWR are remarkably consistent. This correlation is what tells baseball analysts that getting on base is mostly attributable to skill rather than luck.

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