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I looked up that in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest you can use weapons in the overworld. However, I must say that the premise of Mystic Quest is one of the most shallow and clichéd storylines that I have ever encountered in an RPG. You know FFII was released before mystic quest? Unfortunately, Mystic Quest would've been boring if it were a TV show, let alone a game. Sure it's not geared at the hardcore Final Fantasy fans, but it feels a lot like a Final Fantasy game at times and is still interesting enough for fans of the genre to enjoy. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, See all details for Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. The sound effects are your typical video game bleeps and bloops nothing great but nothing out of the ordinary for older RPG’s like this. Not only is it priceless to see a Gorgon go bald before you finish her off, but it also clues you in to how close you are to beating a boss with lots of HP. There's some serious merit in that! I don't think I'll be getting this, though, but still a recomandable title for those who are new to RPG's. The chain of time is broken. The incredible sequel to the best-selling RPG hit Breath of Fire is here! Hello, I'm new here. I will agree that the series as a whole deserves a reputation for being hard, as I was never good at it as a kid while I could still handle stuff like Breath of Fire and Earthbound without too much trouble. The dungeons are also more engaging than what you find in a real Final Fantasy game, too. There are 3 good tracks in the music though. For example, there are no random battles and you can save the game wherever and whenever you want, including when you’re standing right in front of a boss. Mystic Quest is essentially a spin off game in Square’s hugely popular Final Fantasy series. The game play is awesome and the game's music kicks ass!! Final Fantasy II may have come before it but there was still a lot of uncertainty towards Japanese RPGs as a whole, attitudes weren't completely changed overnight on what to expect from just Final Fantasy II alone but it was certainly the first step. Will be returning. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Despite it's simlicity, this still looks like a good game and I think I'll dl it at some point. Since only one other character ever joins you at a time, there is never the feeling of leading a unified group of people with common goals and expectations. This is one of my all time favorite role playing games on the Super Nintendo, as it features incredible music, sound effects, everything about this game is simply awesome, especially the classic game play of the game. The next FF game I played was VII on the PS1. While it’s nice to play straightforward games like this every once in a while, I found it difficult to drum up any sense of achievement after winning, since very rarely in Mystic Quest did I actually feel that my gaming skills were being put to any sort of test. Placing the name Final Fantasy on a game automatically raises expectations when it comes to the musical score. Battles in Mystic Quest take place on a sub screen as most RPGs of the time did. RPG fans who are bored with the same old static monsters will appreciate how the ones in Mystic Quest change appearance as they take damage. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is an awesome role-playing game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. (even if the damn genre was invented in west, where at this point there were over 1000 times more complicated rpg's, than even the most diverse japanese rpg's) -way of thinking fired back big time. Random battles feel really jarring to me. One game they did not make a mistake on is a game called Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest.

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