secret of mana remake review

A retro-style map in the top right hand corner is annoying at first, but is something you get used to -- not to mention it's aesthetically pleasing, practical, and a nice little homage to the original. The shambolic feel continues with a number of glitches, large and small. The story moves at a brisker pace than most modern RPGs, zooming through multiple subplots in its approximately 15-20 hour running time. The unique “ring menu” system (pop-up menus that allowed direct access to any of your party members’ battle commands and inventories) no longer retains the memory of which menu item you last selected. I wish most of the work that went into adding in the extensive voicework and extra inn banter scenes was spent elsewhere polishing up the look. Characters regularly clip through one another, in a manner that looks particularly cheap in a 3D game—especially when engaging NPCs in conversation, which briefly causes the central trio to merge into one. Still, I have to give credit that every line, including NPCs, are fully voiced. By latching onto the heart of the original work and steaming away the musty whiff of dated elements, a remake can remind us why we loved a classic in the first place. The problems begin with the visual overhaul.

If you're new, you'll probably start forging your own memories in your first playthrough of this beloved classic, albeit with some less impactful character designs. Modèle parfait d’un remake raté, Secret of Mana ne va pas parler à grand monde. The menus are a bit worse though, as they don't have the memory of the last selection built in -- especially annoying when you're spamming cure in a damage-heavy battle. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. About the best I can say for the new Secret of Mana is that it makes the old one, for all its faults, look like a masterpiece by comparison. The original’s ring menus were unintuitive and poorly explained, but grew to feel more natural over time. Les erreurs et les lacunes s’accumulent et peuvent donner le sentiment que ce remake est une horreur. For starters, the ability to aim in any direction makes combat considerably less precise than before. It's not as ugly as the screens look, but it's not great either. Secret of Mana was reviewed using a final “retail” PS Vita download code provided by Square Enix. Any charm to the original storytelling is lost during these scenes, and the additional skits at rest stops quickly become so tiresome and pointless that you’ll be glad of the option to skip past every line. It steadily increased in depth as its enemies grew tougher: no longer able to rely entirely on melee strikes, you’d have to dip into menus to add various buffs, or to launch direct elemental attacks on opponents, as you amassed a catalogue of spells. Ce qui, en 2018, est un gros problème. I suppose whether or not this constitutes an improvement comes down to individual tastes, but I’m not a fan. admin 3 years ago 1 . All of which makes Mana’s already sluggish early stages almost interminable. Appuyer sur entrée pour lancer la recherche, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Double 11, Soldes, Prime Days, French Days, [Test] Samsung Galaxy S20, le petit frère qui a tout d’un grand, [Test] Surface Pro 7 de Microsoft : le 2-en-1 qui aurait pu être parfait. Célèbre également pour sa merveilleuse bande-son qui donnait mille et une couleurs à une aventure déjà pleine de promesses, Secret of Mana prend encore une gifle. Pire, la fête à l’aliasing est ouverte, et les feuilles, fleurs et autres éléments végétaux affichent un magnifique crénelage aux extrémités. The remaster could have been the perfect chance to fix these issues, but it ignores them - or somehow makes them worse. Le joueur regarde alors impuissant ses personnages ne pas savoir quoi faire et mourir, la rage au ventre et la manette contre le mur. It’s a subtle difference, but it drains the life from the game. [Prise en main] Huawei Matebook 14 (2020) : faut-il privilégier la version Intel ?

Les amoureux de sensations pures seront heureux d’apprendre que rien n’a changé. (Espaces publicitaires, opérations In the next, Randi lost all his HP but somehow remained alive—still, while immortality was a boon, it left me unable to open any menus.

Les réorchestrations de ce remake ne sont pas seulement ratées, pour la plupart, elles fracassent l’ambiance de certains lieux. You run around slashing foes with your weapon, much like in The Legend of Zelda. What is it A poor remake of a beloved (but slightly overpraised) SNES hit.

Here, instead of encircling the appropriate character, they expand across the whole screen.

Prise en main du Xiaomi Mi Laser projector, un projecteur laser ultra courte focale à 1500€ ! I can’t speak to its performance, though; I reviewed the game on PlayStation Vita, which doesn’t offer a Nintendo DS-style download play option due to the size and complexity of the software. Sans ami ou multitap, il fallait se contenter de laisser l’I.A gérer ses compagnons, ce qui permettait à l’époque d’apprendre concrètement ce que signifiait le mot aléatoire. The Secret of Mana remaster is faithful to the SNES original, to a fault. Vous laisserez de côté un chouette doublage japonais rajouté pour l’occasion, mais comme les personnages n’ouvrent jamais la bouche, ce n’est pas une grande perte. Rather, I had my two teammates utilize the different weapons. On the plus side, the remake does at least retain Secret of Mana’s multiplayer element.

The first two experiences reminded me what extraordinary alchemy Squaresoft achieved with Secret of Mana. Des jeux qui ont marqué une génération et qui ont acquis une belle aura nostalgique. Trials of Mana feels rushed, cheaply made, and the gameplay just doesn’t engage me. Originally released in 1993, "Secret of Mana" is by far the most popular title in the “Mana” series. À coups d’antirides bon marché. Elsewhere, it just looks slapdash. In the remaster, you can only choose who they will attack and how much they will charge their weapons. Nevertheless, the level-up progression, both for characters and weapons, kept me engaged. The Secret of Mana Remake is a lot like that pizza I talked about at the beginning. Visual overhaul aside, this remake consists almost entirely of the same content and mechanics as the Super NES original. Cet action-RPG est une sacrée aventure, marquante pour toute une génération de joueurs, sorte de conte initiatique universel. The move to polygons introduces other shortcomings as well. However, all of our older content can still be found at Characters no longer have to attack in cardinal directions, as they did in the original. I am a lifelong gamer, having grown up with Nintendo since I was young. Each player needs to have their own Vita copy of Secret of Mana, and multiplayer sessions involve ad-hoc waiting rooms — there’s no drop-in/drop-out cooperative play on the go, only on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. "Which of these September announcements are you looking forward to? But unlike in Zelda, you must wait for a certain amount of time between each hit to restore the stamina gauge to 100%; any less and your power is reduced. Accueil » Tests » Test du remake de Secret of Mana : de la bien mauvaise graine. Et comme les réglages de comportement de l’I.A. Les joueurs nostalgiques ne pourront que se sentir floués par cette reprise paresseuse, qui se permet qui plus est de casser encore un peu plus le gameplay. I suspect that’s not quite the result Square Enix was going for. If you need to, say, repeatedly cast a particular spell, you have to navigate the menus to reach that spell every single time you cast it. This, then, represents a second chance: an opportunity to bring a well-loved RPG to a new audience while addressing its weaker elements.
Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is a prime example of how to do a remaster well. Other compositions, like the town theme, sound more subdued compared to the rich drumbeats of the SNES original. On paper, it’s easy to see why a remake of Secret of Mana might be an appealing idea. de son équipe ont disparu, il devient problématique de se sortir de situations dangereuses. On paper, it’s easy to see why a remake of Secret of Mana might be an appealing idea. Gameplay-wise the remaster is nearly identical. It improves by the middle act, as you settle into its rhythms and the map opens up a little, though it’s hard to imagine many players having the patience to get that far. Or the aimless wandering...oh how I love that there isn't a flashing breadcrumb trail or giant blinking mini-map icon. That might sound like an improvement at first. Now it's finally getting a long-awaited, full 3D remake! Your teammates’ hopeless AI and pathfinding hardly helps matters—these are not new problems, but they’re more annoying than ever thanks to the added challenge of combat. There could be some hard-to-ignore faults, but the experience is fun. Thank you for signing up to PC Gamer. Comparatif Forfait mobile meilleurs offres, Comparatif meilleures offres Box Internet ADSL/Fibre. A great video game remake can be a revelatory, even transformative, experience. Of course, a poor remake can also help you better appreciate the original for entirely different reasons, as Square Enix’s new remake of Secret of Mana demonstrates. Those who loved the original and are ready for a nostalgia trip are particularly poorly served by a game that loses much of the SNES game’s offbeat charm and has nothing to replace it with. The story advances through mildly detailed cinematic renditions of the older game’s cutscenes, complete with voice acting, but none of this really adds much to the experience — and whatever improvements it represents certainly can’t make up for the all the ways in which this remake diminishes the underlying classic. The game was designed for co-op camaraderie, and it's rewarding to experience the entire journey with a friend or two. Meilleurs films et séries fantastiques sur Netflix, [Test] Animal Crossing New Horizons : T’as le Nook coco, Une aventure fabuleuse pleine de rebondissements, Une bande-son inoubliable (dans sa version originale), 3 ou 4 réorchestrations qui valent le coup. You must charge up to use them, which provides a nice power balance.

It doesn’t help that the few cutscenes look awkward; characters have limited facial expressions and their mouths don’t move when they talk, which lowers the overall quality. It gets worse when magic comes into play. I realize this may be a frustrating opinion for fans of the series (who are very passionate), but this game just isn’t for me and I feel like it is not put together or balanced very well. Le jeu avait malgré tout de sacrés défauts, notamment au niveau de l’I.A, et ce remake de Square-Enix était donc l’occasion parfaite de régler tout ça une bonne fois pour toutes. The game faithfully retells the beloved story while adopting modern 3D graphics and controls.

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