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| | On his way out he meets with disaster, but who will remember him and his friends in the aftermath? Kristen Bell, Stars: | The stop-motion short film The Basket (Tokri) apparently took eight years to complete. Is this article unfinished? Out of the hundreds of film this Godfather of cinema completed, this is the one that has stood the test of time. Stars: The story follows a group of astronomers who voyage to the moon. Briones grabs the terror bull by the horns, and places a little girl all alone in a face to face with pure evil. A small story about a bunch of vain actors. The structure is less important as are the filmmaking skills. A... 2. It led to films like, READ: How to Copyright a Script and Protect Your Screenplay →, FREE: TV Writing & Development Master Class →, FREE: Screenplay Examples: Pulp Fiction Script →, FREE: How to Write a Script Outline [Free Template] →, FREE: How Internal & External Conflict Energize Your Story →, Darren Aronofsky Movies ― Directing Style and Technique, How to Make a Short Film: 3 Proven Steps to Master Pre Production, The Ultimate Guide to Call Sheets (with FREE Call Sheet Template), How to Break Down a Script (with FREE Script Breakdown Sheet), The Only Shot List Template You Need — with Free Download, Managing Your Film Budget Cashflow & PO Log (Free Template), A Better Film Crew List Template Booking Sheet, Best Storyboard Softwares (with free Storyboard Templates), Interstellar Explained — Plot, Meaning & the Ending Explained, Best Guy Ritchie Movies – His Entire Filmography Ranked, Road to Perdition: Revisiting the Sam Mendes Classic, What is Claymation — A History of Claymation Movies, Toy Story 4 Script PDF Download: Characters, Quotes & Ending. It is funny as a fish out of water stories, frustrating to witness how lives can take a sudden bad turn and a pleasure to watch as men and women are redeemed in a kitchen. Animation, Short, Adventure. In a small supermarket in a blue collar town, a black man smiles at a 10-year-old white boy across the checkout aisle. Directors: Two living beings facing abandonment. Director: Natalia Dyer, The whole thing is done with such an objective point of view, and the realistic tone mixed with the dramatic imagery works well. Nick Ballard, Director: Director Sanjay Patel based the story on his own childhood. Enjoy! Stars: This short film is a recent arrival to the festival circuit, having screened at least thirty festivals such as the Academy Awards qualifying Hollyshorts, and was screened by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation. | Director: Two young boys catch her attention, and she makes a crucial decision. The stories come together to make one unforgettable film. It is the debut short film from American director Gabe Jacobs, who sent it to me. Jonathan Groff, 20 min Stars: Nancy Meyers Harry Styles, Director: Not Rated | 10 min | Short, Comedy, Drama It centres on Mutsumi, a normal mudskipper (walking fish), who is taken home by a boy and starts turning into a human (evolution at hyper-speed). Martin Scorsese Director: It centres on Mandeep, an American with a wife and young son. Robert Ben Garant, 28 min From stunning tracking shots to close-ups, Daldry seems to say I know film theory and can put it to use. Stars: They explore the surface, come to blows with the natives, before returning to earth with a captive. You can learn from each, but which are the best to watch? Joe Calarco, Christopher Plummer narrates and plays the hero who recalls his experience of being saved by a shepherd who plants trees in a barren valley eventually creating a place similar to the Garden of Eden. This short film, based on the book The Giving Tree, is a film about sacrifice, love, and existentialism all rolled into a nice looking package with Andrew Garfield playing the lead. Tim Burton Short, Comedy, Drama. An innocent babysitter all alone. Short, Horror. The Red Balloon. Cornelius Uliano, Stars: Merissa Czyz, PG This fantastic short film by Spike Jonze also happens to be a bit of a corporate advert for Absolut Vodka, but the quality, thoughtfulness, and execution of the film sort of erases any ill will that may generate. David F. Sandberg made this film and it is another one that takes some of the great horror tropes of all time, and relies on nothing else. After-School Special (2011) Tom Degnan, India Dupré | Jake Szymanski | It is truly a delight for all ages. Miguel Almodóvar, | When she discovers his precious heirloom and accidentally breaks it, she needs a way to fix the situation. Pre-production. Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí present 16 minutes of bizarre, surreal imagery. Director: This Oscar-nominated short film of 2017 is one of the few documentary short films that delivers a message of hope and redemption. Short, Horror, Director: | Ryan Spindell Neill Blomkamp proved his abilities to none other than legendary director Peter Jackson with this  short film that inspired the hit film District 9. Director: You can learn from each, but which are the best to watch? A dark and stormy night. | Short, Comedy, Drama, A vibrant Pixar-inspired montage (think the marriage sequence in Up) in which a mother, unable to confront the heartbreak of her son leaving for college, delays his departure by making him ... See full summary », Director: It’s one of the greatest survival and … Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, | Temptations Cat Treats Films marked * contain no dialogue. Daniel Sanches, 20 min Based on the events in Perfection, Nevada, this story takes place on a different continent. 6 min | Stars: Peter Jackson, Leslie Alejandro Steven Chew, 40 min Agustín Almodóvar, Now you know about 30 great short films. Victoria Carmen Sonne, Short, Action, Fantasy. Oh, and the film is pretty great too. Your email address will not be published. Stars: Paul Moder, Directors: | Completed. Every filmmaker should see this Pixar short film for the amazing combination of original concept, strong storytelling, and stunning visuals. A Christmas-themed special featuring characters from Walt Disney Pictures' 53rd full-length animated motion picture, "Frozen (2013)". | Victor André, | Etienne Baret, Short, Family. Charles Francis Kinnane, The film shows how an out of work man, harassed woman, and stray dog all have their vulnerabilities and reasons for living. From the list, I already watched 20 the movies. Bonnie Bedelia, 28 min Emma Holly Jones The post you shared here is very informative. Jemaine Clement, | Clyde Geronimi, | Extraterrestrial beings travel the galaxy to free men "oppressed" by females to make way for an entirely-homosexual society. He makes films that are not easy to watch, but they’re good enough to make you wonder why that is, and to challenge yourself. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 7.7 / 10 X David Sandberg This short film about boredom, crime, adolescence, and masculinity launched the careers of the Wilson Brothers, and of course Anderson himself. Short, Thriller. | A leisurely day belies its uninvited end as Jay and Alex, best friends and roommates, challenge one another on their opinions of sexuality. 16 min André Holland, Robert Ben Garant Short, Drama. The structure of the story is where filmmakers can really learn a thing or two. | Maria Bakalova, Often his films are shot in such a simple manner that you ponder the art and meaning rather than the cinematic techniques. Kash Abdulmalik, The director presents questions that no one wants to ask. How or why this happens is glossed over like the best of fairy tales but Mutsumi is soon looking pretty human. They also made a feature length version with Robert Duvall, and while the pacing is a little slow there is a ton of insights for any filmmaker. In a small town, a brewing romantic rivalry with a local tough and a school-teacher culminates in a terrifying ride in the night. Resnais tells a complete story with a gripping subject matter but structures the story in an essay form. Kieran Culkin, Danielle Macdonald, 12 min This powerful Academy Award-nominated short film from director Steve Okazaki revisits the story of the first use of the atomic bomb by the United States against Japan. The restaurant is staffed with ex-convicts looking to change their lives. | This short film isn't available online so here's a video essay on Miyazaki's Airships instead. Short, Drama. Star: | When you look at streamers like Quibi, they're creating content that's fifteen minutes long, maximum. The short drama follows a day in the life of Stockholm teenager Alice, who shoplifts a strap-on from a sex shop and then uses it to belittle her overbearing boyfriend (but not in an explicit way) in front of his friends. Animation, Short, Adventure. Jim McCreery, R | Directors: Melody Hurd, This film is great and it plays with reality and death in such a unique way it’s no wonder this is one of the best ever. There is something very focused and yet hands off about this film. Silje Hagrim Dahl, In Rebooted, which mises live-action and animation, the story focuses on a skeletal monster (he is literally a skeleton) who appeared in a Jason And The Argonauts type film many years ago (anyone over the age of 40 will know what scene I mean), but is now struggling to find work as a real-world skeleton in an industry dominated by VFX monsters. Lavinia Jullien | You know how this story will play out... Or do you? It feels like all content these days are getting shorter and shorter. Director: Short, Drama, Romance. A censorship advocacy group called the police, had the theatre manager arrested and the print seized before the whole case went to the California supreme court. Michel Castejon, 8 min In 1902, seeing Trip to the Moon must have been like seeing Titanic for the first time. Mara, a once renowned photographer, journeys deep into the mountains in search of a mythical beast never photographed before. Guy Nattiv Camille Razat, | | Kevin Deters, Rod Goldman and Al Silverman are street performers who work the tourist scene of Times Square. Director Jim Cummings turned a substantial profit from this short film and gave the world a very signature calling card. John Doherty, Top 250 Most-Acclaimed Short Films of All Time by mjf314 | created - 22 Apr 2011 | updated - 31 Dec 2011 | Public I compiled this list from many different polls, lists, and awards, using a weighted point system to rank the shorts (the most acclaimed shorts are on the top). It’s one of the greatest survival and friendship stories ever told. Chronos is an incredibly impressive one-shot sci-fi thriller that is close to brilliant but let down slightly by the script and a few (just a few) poorly delivered lines. A Norwegian family have spent the afternoon at the beach - where they were allowed one hour in the water - and are now returning to their overpopulated city in their self-driving car via one of the tunnels, the only way in and out of the metropolis. Those with an especially good eye can notice some of the director’s style in his later offerings. Now it’s time for you to develop your own short film idea. Short, Drama, Romance. Jud Conlon's Rhythmaires, This film was produced by Studio Ghibli and features the legendary Hayao Miyazaki as a talking pig who narrates the film all about the human power of flight, and a bunch of different machines used to achieve it.

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