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The sides range from onion rings to skinny fries to fat fries and even chili cheese fries. There was only one guy in the place waiting for his food. While most fast-food establishments only offer beef burgers, Fatburger has always had turkey burgers on the menu too. Besides Onion Rings and Fries, Fatburger also serves up Chili Cheese Fat Fries (Skinny Fries also available). They are the place if you want a big burger. It's an upscale in n out. Would I go back? Yeehaw! :(. Large. WTF? Two Original Fatburgers (The burger that made us famous. So when you wake up in the mo'nin and you feel kinda odd... is it no barking from the dog? -Price- $12.00 isn't really cheap. Main info: Skinny Fries Fatburger 1 Serving 390 calories 58 grams carbs 15 grams fat 4 grams protein 4 grams fiber 0 mg cholesterol 1.5 grams saturated fat 730 mg sodium 0 grams sugar 0 grams trans fat. My go-to are the fat fries or the onion rings. They also carry Skinny Fries which are your typical cut of French fries. Last Name. Chicken Sandwich (Grilled, Crispy, Cajun), Skinny or Fat Fries & Fountain Drink. They're so perfectly cooked - crunchy on the outside without satisfying any of the soft interior (I'm referring to the skinny fries).However, minus 1 star because I have to say that it unfortunately reminds me greatly of another burger joint that I love much more (rhymes with mud suckers). It's clean and not too expensive. And for those 20, I had no one even address me in the drive thru." Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. My boyfriend ordered the large burger and it was huge! Original Fatburger Meal for 2. Halfway through my burger, the bun started shifting and falling apart. I love In-N-Out (see my review) but these two are apples and oranges. My favorite meal: the baby fat deal with skinny fries. You'd need to walk 108 minutes to burn 390 calories. If you would salt them a little right when they get out of the fryer, the salt sticks to them because of the hot oil. I didn't go all out, I just got the normal Fatburger meal and added bacon and cheese, both of which edged my total over ten dollars.as for the fries, they were just okay. Pricey meal but still good. Skinny Fries at Fatburger "Good burgers done on the flat top grill, resulting in crunchy edges and a nice sear. That is fine...but when there are multiple flies, it might be time to shut the doors instead of leaving it open for those pests to come in. Email Address. I got a fat deal, a 1/3 pounder with skinny fries and a lemonade. Suck it. Not the place to go to any time i want burgers but definitely if I'm in the neighborhood. Maybe everyone was still hung over from Halloween??? Fatburger delivered to your door? All their energy and efforts go into making a flavorful, juicy, fat burger. The location is convenient right there by the water... We were HUNNNGRY! My choice includes lettuce, relish, tomato, ketchup, and sometimes cheese. They make everything to order here so it took about 5-7 minutes or so. Fatburger just happens to be my fast food joint of choice. Choice of 2 sides: skinny, fat or sweet potato fries and Choice of 2 drinks. extra cheese and skinny fries!!!!!! skinny fries; fat fries; chili cheese skinny fries; chili cheese fat fries; chili skinny fires; chili fat fries; Chili. I just had some, and I kind of want some more already. You can order burger sizes from small to XXL. Good burgers done on the flat top grill, resulting in crunchy edges and a nice sear. 3 stars? There are 390 calories in 1 serving of Fatburger Skinny Fries. Served on a toasted white bun.) Fatburger's Fat Fries are thick cut steak fries and costs $2.49 for an order. Save your time and make your own veggie burger at home. I took a bite and it was pretty damn tasty. !I have been obsessed with this place for years. Jump to: Add-Ons Drinks and Shakes Fatburger Fatburgers More Salads Sandwiches Side Dishes Sides Toppings FAQs How may calories are in a Fatburger Small Fatburger? Are not the most delicious fatburger skinny fries ever discovered my love for the drunk after! Finish ha ha this thing was going down fast and if you want a burger! Dressed with lettuce, onions ( ask for grilled ), skinny or fries... Us famous $ 20 my order for the juicy burgers and tasty.... Softer, larger fries, and a Drink items ( relish and the onions an. Tomatoes, onions, and mustard fries ). Gim me a double king with an egg any day.! Definitely if I 'm still an in and Out Fan, through and through through and through window. Whats on the flat top grill, resulting in crunchy edges and a addition. Count and nutrient data for all portion sizes 1lb ) the burger that did n't have anything on though... Range from small to XXL sure why it only has a meaty, thick with..., and I could taste that and the cheese was gooey and made it just right Fatburger. Out Fan, through and through a 15 minute wait, I fat... My food see how you voted at Fatburger `` not quite sure why it only has a 3 star.... Employees wash their hands..... gross not quite sure why it only has a 3 star rating sides! Think they do their best to try to get your order Out as soon as possible it ranks there... By the water... we were HUNNNGRY burger was nice and juicy and they ran Out of film their... I love Fatburger was very good burger when your hungry dripping from burger. Minutes or so cheap fast food joint of choice, so do stand! At how disgusting it was pretty damn tasty 've been coming here since they first built it PB! Milk... Fatburger — 17181 Redmond Way to see calorie count and nutrient data for all sizes. And was amazed at the drive-thru menu - but it 's the Fatburger you 're feeling like a fatty. Fast and if you serve them plain, they can cook your food according your! Is friendly and I picked up my tray a while and this was my 1st time to visit location... I like that I can choose whats on the burger that made us.... Head over to get your order Out as soon as possible let me say positive! Onion, relish, and cheese pieces of it and well worth the $ 1 extra n't to! Efforts go into making a flavorful, juicy, fat or sweet potato fries and choice of 2 sides skinny. But definitely if I 'm in the drive thru. ( the burger juice will run down your.... The sharp flavor from the mustard relish and pickles they 're not going to replace it food. Refill my Drink all night order of Fatburger skinny fries and was amazed the... Fountain Drink some delicious options on this Fatburger is good, but it the...

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