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Mostly they take decisions without consulting staff and communicate the same after it is implemented. Thus, there is shifting of responsibility or buck-passing. the discrepancy principle to determine $k^*$. Staffs (who are specialists) help them in doing so. Structure of an organisation which results from the organising process is the basic framework within which the decision-making behaviour of an executive takes place. This fear of insecurity creates conflict. 3. It is used to help divide tasks, specify the job for each department, and delegate authority within and among departments. They can just as easily leave employees floundering and dispirited. Learn more at Organisations with divisional structures are adaptable and can target specific customers through product specialisation. It helps in taking quick and effective decisions. The line managers have authority to take decisions as they are concerned with actual production. Employees with staff authority can advise those with line authority to complete specific activities that further the goals of the business. The resources for a particular product /service are deployed and concentrated on a single product/service or process under a single management (manager/groups). Some of the advantages of functional organization structure are: Functional organization structure facilitates division of work and specialization. When the business faces real problems, the departments lose out the bigger objective of overall growth for the business due to possible miscommunication and unaccountability. It, therefore, becomes apparent from the scalar principle that line authority is that relationship in which a superior exercise direct supervision over a subordinate authority relationship being in direct line or steps. It ensures discipline between the employees and employer. Our algorithm is different from the hybrid one proposed by Kilmer {\em et al. Disclaimer Copyright, Share Your Knowledge In hierarchical companies, everyone knows their job and the lines of authority are clear, which can be advantageous to some businesses. Leadership of departmental executive is autocratic due to heavy concentration of powers. form of attractive filtered generalized singular value decomposition (GSVD) Often found in small businesses, the simple organization is structure is flat. Specialisation leads to focus on specific areas in order to gain productive efficiency within the entire organisational structure. The advantages are efficiency and flexibility, and responsibilities are usually clear. The staff investigates and supplies information and recommendation to managers who make decisions. Staff personnel can sometimes resent their lack of authority within an organization. Line and staff organization is more flexible as compared to line organization as general staff can be employed to help line managers at various levels. ii. c. Lack of Proper Understanding of Authority: As there is no clear cut demarcation between authority and responsibility there will be encroachment of each other’s authority. Organizational structure examples of this type include insurance companies, engineering firms, law firms, regulatory agencies, etc. project managers) are created through the use of project teams. iii. Anam Ahmed is a Toronto-based writer and editor with over a decade of experience helping small businesses and entrepreneurs reach new heights. the analysis on it show that the method must have the desired semi-convergence property Under pure line organization all perform same type of work at any level. They need to remember that if they undermine line authority, they risk becoming expendable. resources of functional specialists in each product, departments, however, there is a risk of inadequate attention to skill development and its efficient, use. (iv) Difficulty in Inter-Departmental Coordination: Functional structure in large organisations can lead to complex inter-relationships within and between the depart­ments. A committee is a group of people. Due to specialization, they concentrate on the specific functional area and also keep effective supervision on their subordinates. Organic Structure 9. Some of the advantages of matrix organization structure are: i. Matrix structure focuses on a single project, permitting better control and planning to complete the project in a specified time period. An imaginary structure of such a type is shown below; A more precise and logically valid concept of line and staff is that they are simply a matter of relationships. Representation of diverse interest groups- When different interest groups are represented in a committee, conflicting views can be easily settled through motivation and participation. This leads to overlapping activities and creates gaps in the relationship. This confuses workers. To provide specialized assistance to line mangers, staff positions are created. 1. II. It is suitable to all kinds of organization provided applied at higher levels. He is responsible for the completion of the project but without authority over people in the project. Companies can use an HR to employee ratio as a guide to determining if more HR support needs to be added to the department. Even the quality of the decisions of executives may suffer due to heavy burden of duties and responsibilities. As specialised resources are targeted toward autonomous divisional units, each unit is designed to be self-sufficient. Executive committee takes decisions and implements them. 2. Line organization facilitates prompt decision-making at all levels as the authority given is clear and complete. Marketing is also sometimes included as a line role depending on the activities the department performs. The following are the various types of organization structure: The following analysis gives the nature, merits and demerits of these structures: It is also known as Scalar organization or Military form of organization. From their view point staff executives create conflicts in the following ways: Line executives feel that staff enjoy authority and lack responsibility. The organisation correspondingly focuses on standardised procedures for providing a product/service with standard features, which ensures minimum costs of production. The responsibility, on the other hand, moves in the upward direction. The chief executive of a large organization may be so busy dealing with the advice and recommendations of a large number of staff specialists that he finds little time to devote to operating departments. among divisions of a functional or product form organization. stifling or do not have enough time to pay attention to the challenges of organizing. Thus the functional staff has two bosses. III. Line and Staff Organization Structure: Though line structure is suitable for most organizations, especially small ones, it is not effective for larger companies. 5. Everything you need to know about the Types of Organizational Structure. This note will deal primarily with the formal structure. On a basic level, the HR to staff ratio is the number of employees/HR team members. Equipment and personnel are not repeated across departments. Conflicts between line and staff executives are quite common in this organization but can be minimized through special measures. (iv) Communication-Downward- Information starts at the top and trickles down to employees. They rely on people within the organization using their initiative to change the way they work as circumstances change. Operational flexibility: It is common that in actual practice, some variations may exist. It is more complex than line concern. The note also discusses the new emerging Information Age organizational forms, which the authors call "infocracies. Line and staff organization is a modification of line organization and it is more complex than line organization. Organic Structure 9. Most organizations are designed, or evolve, to have elements of both hierarchy and more flexible, organic structures within. Functional structure is believed to be effective for an organisation that provides a single product/service. She has experience ghostwriting and editing business books, especially those in the "For Dummies" series, in addition to writing and editing web content for the brand. 3. Divisional structure is synonymous to decentralisation, which implies transferring powers of decision-making and accountability across employees or business units that are separate businesses within a broad organisational framework. It leads to joint supervision by different experts, 5. They often look down at line executives. Staff specialists devote their time to think, to gather data, and to analyze them on behalf of their busy superiors. All this adds to the overhead expenses and the cost of production increases. It is still used by many concerns especially the small ones. Staff Assistants- P.A. There is a scope of lack of coordination as each specialist thinks of only his function and ignores other functions. There are different levels of authority within this kind of line and staff organization. more complex, however, the clarity of the line of, Age needed the assistance of staff specialists to help them make decisions. Moreover, line executives may or may not act as per the guidance offered. This structure emphasises functional specialisation and active information sharing within each function. The line managers are generally not interested in the advice offered by experts. If any, created in the minds of staff people. c. Democratic principle of ‘One man one vote’ is followed. The top-level management takes all major decisions and issues directions for actual execution. vol.37, p.1170-3 (1992)) to expand the applications of its results.< >, Based on the joint bidiagonalization process of a large matrix pair $\{A,L\}$, In order to minimize conflict and ensure that the line and staff teams realize the full benefits of the structure, it’s important to integrate people from both groups into project teams with a clear directive to achieve a business goal together. Functional organization facilitates effective supervision by the functional heads and foremen. vi. The relationship between organizational structure and its effect on workers' performance is complex. Always it creates confusion as it is very difficult to define the authority relationship between line and staff. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Economics. Staff executives are younger and better qualified. If anything goes wrong, they blame line executives, but assume credit for success. engineering or production, purchase, sales, finance personnel etc. It improves motivation as people can focus on a particular project but in traditional structure it cannot happen. Taylor. This is because the respon­sibility itself is divided among many. The project organization can take various forms, but the important characteristic that distinguishes it from other forms is once the project is completed the organization is disbanded or phased out.

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