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News and culture through the lens of Southern California. It’s 1960 and I’m driving my father’s Chevy Impala through the drive-in at Bob’s Big Boy Restaurant on Colorado Boulevard in Glendale wondering why there are men standing on the front porch of the house across the street dressed in white robes? I get a job with United Parcel Service delivering packages. Something’s not right. Highland Park, Utah (and Mormons until the mid to late 20th Century actively discriminated against black Mormons in matters of ministerial postings), carried a proviso on deeds … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Half the guys on my shift are Black. There is widespread misconception that sundown towns were mostly concentrated in the Deep South and Midwest, as depicted in Lovecraft Country’s first episode of the series, which was set along the highway route from Chicago to Massachusetts. In 1973, I get a job at the Glendale News Press covering the cop beat. These towns are categorized on the website as either possible, probable, or surely, as it is difficult to categorize “sundown towns” because of varying degrees of explicitness in their approaches to discouraging African American and other non-White visitors. We want to hear about your experiences. I’m growing up in a sundown city where the Klan is welcome, and being Black gets you a police escort out of town at sunset. Black soldiers and the southern, white boys are throwing down, knives are everywhere. If your research (or ours) convinces you that a town was a sundown town, consider helping it transcend its white supremacist past. I’m 16 and clueless. Why are they on the streets when we’re about to be attacked? In a time of civil unrest and calls for revolution, history is revealing and asserting itself. Goshen, IN, and La Crosse, WI, discussed on this website, provide examples of places that have done so. Council District 10: One-On-One With Mark Ridley-Thomas, Pour Some Sugar On Me: Tell Us Which Halloween Candy Is Superior, Sundown Towns: A Hidden Dimension of American Racism. While Glendale is the first city to draft a resolution of this kind, it is far from the only California city with a history of racist sundown practices. While Glendale did not find any formal sundown laws in its review, the city did find evidence in other forms, including records of police escorting Black people and other people of color outside the city limits. “Sundown towns have never gone away,” wrote Jerkins in a recent article. I look down at kids walking to school and young mothers pushing their babies in strollers. In 2017, the National League of Cities (NLC) announced a collaboration with the Center for Social Inclusion to help local government officials advance racial equity in their cities. I keep my mouth shut. Reviews of the week's new movies, interviews with filmmakers, and discussion. Today on AirTalk, we’re discussing Glendale’s resolution as well as the legacy of sundown towns in California. Dennis McCarthy column: How the sun finally…, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Dennis McCarthy column: How the sun finally shone on city’s past racist ‘sundown’ status, LAPD officer shot in Granada Hills; has non-critical injuries, LA County’s coronavirus cases continue to rise; another 1,590 reported Sunday, Pre-election coronavirus spike creates concerns for polling places, Election could move California further left on taxes, race. According to an article in the North Coast Journal, multiple towns around Eureka followed suit, and Chinese Americans were expelled from an estimated 40 communities in Northern California in 1885 and 1886.

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