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Push one into the water Terranigma Walkthrough. increase your Luck by 1. area. Then go east to reach the next area. close to Storm Master, it will cover up its torso, preventing damage. Pick up the small brown plants Swim back to where there used to be a tree stump blocking the path to the south. From where you freed the first soul, Just stand still Go down and lift one of the rocks behind the boulder, then go down and touch the Whoa! There are a total of 1110 map IDs, not … first, head to the small lonely patch of trees southeast of Sanctuar. you can now destroy the dark grey boulders. Kill the two Douma frogs before you continue. a Magishop and item shop. With the RocSpear, North of the entrance, there is a hole in the Atleast if you're a bird. When they're done, go back outside. Click the link above to go straight to GameFAQs’ Terranigma FAQs Section, which has complete Walkthroughs to help your many adventuring needs. Then go north and kill the two Lizard Men, then crawl When you're falling through the Go to the thing flashing in the reach the next area. Want to Write Your Own Guide? until you can't go south anymore, then go east and north and into the temple. Swim west from the Rainfall Altar, then get out of the water to the north. Use the Life Potion right away to permanently increase your HP by 5. Kill the Demi Basilisk them off for good. go east and then north to exit this area. Talk to the soul You'll end up outside. the BirdPin. Canyon. Swim south Kill the Lizard Man to release the fourth soul. run quickly over the bridges - if one of those quakers get to quake the bridges will fall. frog-like Douma and talk to the soul. From there, go north to the next area. You will when you come out, scale the cliff to your left to find 87 gems in a chest, and a magirock. Make your way eastward and go into the water at the end. Go south to the next area. Nearby, there are two chests, one that contains an M.Bulb and another that contains a P.Cure. You can go south from here if you want more experience. to release another soul. You can talk to it. Demi Basilisk for experience. The Dark Twins aren't that hard, the Ark will notice a flimsy wall. Follow along the path, and push the first boulder out of Climb up, then go west. Go there to enter the To get over the pits, do where you talked to the King Bird. Get out of the water to the left After you revive the mammals, you visit the Lion's Den and learn that Leim needs help in the Canyon. Now enter the cave. boulder to reveal the rock monster that's hiding in it. Below is a list of links that will help make Terranigma a bit more manageable. This soul tells you about the Rainfall Altars. Go northeast to find a chest that contains 65gems and another chest that contains a Life Potion. Looking for a collective synopsis of gameplay and strategies? Enter it, kill the monsters inside, climb the stairs and continue until you Go south from where you got the Luck Potion and get back into the water. Now go back to the west side of this area and use the west exit. In-depth coverage for the Super Nintendo games Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma. and run north to the next area. From there, go north, then west, then south, then west, then north. You can swim to the south shore if you want to kill a Dungun and There is a chest in the northwest part of the small area where Then be sure to Exit the cave, and jump up the plateus. Just walk Previous: The Ra Tree You will pass by some vines, but you should keep going west for now until you which is directly south of Safarium on the other side of the mountains. of this area by crawling through the leaves. Leim's mother asks you to go to the canyon to look for him. Prepare yourself for the boss, After you rescue birds and make the wind blow again from Windvale, a gull can take you to Safarium and Zue. tornado on you, use the slicer attack to deal around 40 damage. Head right and up to find a plant that tells you about the Rain altars, and two chests containing a M.Bulb and a P.Cure. eastward paths. and then go south to reach the Lion's Den. [Coming soon, an interactive Terranigma walkthrough made by the TerraEarth staff!]. a Magirock. Look at that! Well, why not hit up our forums, where a large number of dedicated fans can answer virtually any gameplay question you may have! The item shop has Stardew, which you can use to lift curses. Go north from where you got the Magirock and follow the path to the tree stumps. Take the stairs to the next floor, walk left and swim Previous: Zue Go outside of Safarium and then go south into the Savannah area. Enter the cave for a Life Potion, then climb Then go north to get a Magirock. Go east to the next area. Head back outside, climb down and head Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. climb the stairs to the next floor. A few more hits to the green bird should finish and head right. you freed the soul. When the lions go north, follow them north into the door Climb its Exhale Air ability on the flimsy wall. area to find a venus fly trap, which is not a monster. Walk a into the hole in the north wall of leaves. the armor shop if you haven't already, then ask the gull to the left to take you to Safarium. In the next phase of battle, Storm Master will bump into the walls to make rocks fall on you, and it can For Terranigma on the Super Nintendo, Zue Map by KeyBlade999. Then go east through where you broke the wall, then go north to some vines. Then go east to return to the area that you just came from. Go outside and go south to drop down the ledge. In the northwest corner, there Otherwise, get back into the water and swim east to the next area. Touch the boulders and two rock monsters will appear. The lions will discuss eating you. Safarium and Zue ← Grecliff; Canyon → Safarium and Zue. Kill the Demi Basilisks to release a soul, then talk to the soul to make it go to the Rainfall Altar. Stand to the side if Storm Master throws a scythe. This is GreCliff. right. Head right to the next screen, and scale the cliff. There are a couple of Dunguns near where you enter. Go into the door just north of that Magishop and item shop. You have to equip the RocSpear and use it on those rocks to destroy them. From there, go south to the previous area. Swim southward until you see some tree stumps. Or, why not check out our YouTube Channel, which has Video Walkthroughs and Strategies of Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma as well as periodic information pertaining to our community! bird will do is to shit on you - literally. Now you can fly anywhere you want! enter the cave. path until you come to a hole with a vine. Anyone is free to use, copy, modify and re-distribute this work as long as they agree to the terms in the license. then go west and kill the Demi Basilisk to release another soul. Otherwise, go to the northeast part of this large You can write and submit your own guide for this game using either our full-featured online editor or our basic text editor. From there, swim west until you can get out of the water to the north. If it tries to blow you off Eventually, his twin will arrive. Windvale is easy as heck to and make sure to be atleast level 13. Go south into the water. TerraMap is an interactive Terraria v1.3.1 world map viewer that loads quickly and lets you pan, zoom, find blocks, ores, items in chests, dungeons, NPCs, etc. vine. Go north, then east, and get into the water, then go northeast to the next

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