the flash season 2 episode 11 recap

He then destroys the tachyons, which angers Reverse Flash, because that was his way home. Labs, where Cisco takes a victory lap. Is she, Joe? That’s where this episode comes in—it served as a device to “fix” the illogical-ness of the timeline. With no other choice, Patty accepts Barry’s decision and leaves, but she makes one final call to him, and to the Flash, on her train ride out of town. At the station, Patty’s looking through case files and Joe tells her he’ll miss her. RECAP: In "The Flash" Season 6 Episode 11, Barry and a strangely acting Iris must play matchmaker for Amunet Black and Goldface, to save the day. Jay says it doesn’t matter anyway because their DNA won’t match. But, after an attack at Mercury Labs, Christina McGee confirms that the Reverse Flash is back. Things just got interesting. period you're from, Flash. He concentrates on Reverse Flash, and sees him kill Christina. She has gone through Barry’s case files which involve The Flash. They exchange threats before speeding off together. Joe comes in and tells Iris that Francine doesn’t have much time left. Caitlin desperately tries to find Jay’s Earth-1 doppelgänger, hoping that he’ll provide a cure, but she comes up empty. The fright triggers Cisco’s vibe, which first alerts the team to the Reverse-Flash’s presence. But I guess the show had its reasons for wanting to get rid of her (such as the long term goal of getting Iris and Barry together eventually?). Labs Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) are bickering about pretty much everything, and Cisco deliberately irritates Harrison by slurping his coffee. He may as well have revealed his identity. When was the last time these people showed any common sense? (For what it’s worth, Barry hides his face in the shadows.) The return of Barry’s most important villain is the main plot, but Patty takes up a lot more screen time than I expected. Patty says it was a false alarm and they have one final moment before he takes off again. However, he denies it. More than anything else, he looks intrigued. Meanwhile, Reverse-Flash/Eobard Thawne (Matt Letscher) is ecstatic he’s confirmed what time period The Flash is from. They also enjoy board games and pop culture and comic conventions. Season 2 Episode 6. However, Barry says he doesn’t want another person that Zoom or Reverse Flash can hurt. Barry vows to end Thawne in this time once and for all. Eventually he comes around and asks Iris to help him say goodbye. Barry is called back from the brink of murdering him and instead brings him back to S.T.A.R. “For lack of a better word, we were really ignorant to what was going on.”. And, Cisco tells him it’s ironic because Reverse-Flash gave him his powers. Taking him down will, just as it did before, require more than Barry’s powers, and it’s Cisco who steps up to the plate this time. Yeah, time travel. Zoom. Wally stops by Joe’s house to tell Iris that he’s taking her advice to go see his mom. This is the moment where the Reverse-Flash that seeks to prove he’s better than the Flash begins to infect Barry’s life. Barry says he couldn’t let him take another person he cares about. The only problem is the activated tachyons should leave a trace they can track, but none can be found in Central City. Because I would have forgiven you then... No, but there's still Dr. Wells says that Barry must send Reverse Flash back into the future in order to restore the timeline. In this case, Cisco starts seizing and disappearing from existence the same way Thawne did in Season 1. However, Dr. Wells says that Barry’s speed coupled with Thawne’s speed will catapult Reverse Flash into the future. NEXT: Saying goodbye to love and loved ones. The episode has its issues — a jaunt with Eobard doesn’t advance the season’s main Zoom plotline, and we don’t really see how Caitlin and Iris react to his reappearance — but it’s such a joy to watch. As the truck heads towards a dead end, Barry speedily removes all of the truck’s tires, causing it to stop just in time. Now Barry has one more problem to deal with — Patty (Shantel VanSanten). Required fields are marked *. Enter Zoom. How this gets confusing, is that this should change not only the future of the what happens in the show (since Eddie will never have kids, thus erasing his lineage from the future), since Eobard goes to the past, it should change that as well, given that he significantly altered the original Dr. Wells’ timeline, as well as Barry’s, and people surrounding both of them. She goes and, though it is hard for her, she forgives her mother for leaving when she was a child. British High Court ruled they were right to call him a “wife-beater” for (allegedly) abusing Amber Heard. See exclusive portraits of the Arrowverse stars from EW's cover shoot. Iris and the Wests must deal with Francine’s imminent death. Feigning an armed attack on the train, she incites Barry to rush to her aid. Harrison says they need to determine what triggers his vibe, but Cisco has no idea what it is that sets him off. Back at S.T.A.R. Barry (Grant Gustin) and the team at S.T.A.R. Naturally, the team freaks out. Barry confirms to Joe that he’s ready to make sacrifices. However, it will not be until Thawne learns Barry's name that he goes back in time and kills the superhero's mother. Patty has always been billed as an intelligent detective, and it’s nice to see that remain true to the end of her and Barry’s relationship. Her behavior isn’t romantic; it just seems kind of creepy. Barry goes to talk to Reverse Flash, though stands in the shadows. It’s a lie. Okay. So the Reverse-Flash’s main focus is to return to his own time, which he intends to do with the forced assistance of Mercury Labs’ Dr. McGee. Sure, there’s a lot of development, but we don’t see most of it. Joe (Jesse Martin) reveals that Francine (Vanessa Williams) is not doing well and that it would be a good idea for Iris (Candice Patton) to pay her mother a visit and say her goodbyes. They have 3 hours and 52 minutes to find Christina and stop the Reverse-Flash. Caitlin determines that he died from an aneurysm. Season two of The Flash delivered one of its better episodes with ‘The Reverse-Flash Returns’ airing on January 26, 2016. But don’t worry — Cisco was looking at the future. It might satisfy most average viewers of the show, and I sort of understand where the explanation is coming from, but I am still having a hard time swallowing it. Barry and the rest of Team Flash can run, run, run all they want, but eventually, they’ll have to stand still and face the challenges in their lives. Iris remains at the center of The Flash’s story in the second episode of “Graphic Novel #2,” a.k.a. Jay and Caitlin discovered his dead body, but haven’t really picked up the trail yet. Eobard needs Christina’s tachyon technology in order to return to the future. Joe and Iris go see Francine at the hospital. They speed through the city until Barry finally grabs him and takes him down, repeatedly hitting him and promising he’ll never lose to him again. Barry (Grant Gustin) is out playing good samaritan while at S.T.A.R. He wants to use his vibing power to find Reverse-Flash as he did earlier in the episode, and so Harry prepares a set of goggles to enhance his powers. “Those goggles are getting named immediately,” Cisco says, solidifying the need for a Harry-Cisco The Office-style spin-off. Read our exclusive rundown to see what else took place this week. Dave Bautista Is Basically Dog the Alien Bounty Hunter in. It is excruciating to watch. (Spoilers: Zolomon is quite the name drop for the show because in the comics he is one of the speedsters to take up the name Reverse-Flash/Professor Zoom. 11:00 am EDT, September 28, 2016 ‘The Flash’ season 2 recap: Before Flashpoint. Joe brings up the fact that Patty is on the train to Midway City, and Barry says that he had to let her go too. Barry doesn’t want to but Harrison yells at him that otherwise Cisco is dead. He still hasn’t killed Barry’s mother or stolen Harrison Wells’s identity, so telling him anything will upset the timeline. He invites Iris to join him  … and again, the farewell happens offscreen. Of course Patty had to finally go and figure out for herself that Barry is The Flash, though Barry denied it to her face. Patty is upset about how Barry doesn’t seem to care that she’s leaving. Back at STAR Labs, Cisco asks Dr. Wells for help trying to figure out how to control his powers. This restores the timeline, and Cisco is okay. She wants to hear the truth. End of spoilers.). Labs, Harrison is working on Cisco’s goggles to make them stimulate the fear receptors in his brain. This is his origin story and it’s going to happen no matter what you do,” says Harrison. An incredible amount of important details were revealed over the course of episode 11, however there was still room for each character to get in some quieter moments amid all of the action.

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