what was wrong about the social network

So, we had to do it from a distance. He said if you're not pushing the envelope, and you don't make mistakes, then you're in mediocrity land. If you're gonna break ground, if you're gonna do new things, if you're responsible for creating a movie that's gonna last a long time and change the visuals and approaches in a lot of people's minds, then you're gonna not win every single time. Cronenweth and Fincher have now collaborated across a wide collection of award-winning films including Fight Club, Gone Girl, and The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo. But he simply goes, hey dude it's no big deal. One aspect of his life that the film makers did get right was Zuckerberg’s wardrobe, including the famous grey T-shirt that Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer, confirmed he wore every day. "The Social Network" explores the moment at which Facebook was invented--through the warring perspectives of the super-smart young men who each claimed to be there at its inception. So you try to eliminate any of those kinds of surprises and the curve balls before they actually arrive,” said Cronenweth. And to incorporate that into the title sequence, as the details set the groundwork for the rest of the story, is brilliant. I recently got to speak further with Jeff Cronenweth about working with David Fincher, dealing with unexpected challenges, and shooting for a film where dialogue, not visuals, drives the story. It keeps you new. JC: Well it is that. Below is a summary of our conversation. She was Jesse Eisenberg’s in 'Zombieland', Andrew Garfield’s in 'Spider-Man', and was Justin Timberlake’s ex-girlfriend in 'Friends With Benefits'. How do you do it? Our goal isn’t necessarily to make it particularly exciting to use; we want to make it useful.”. AK: I know filming can get very hectic and stressful. And it works sometimes, but if that becomes the whole movie then it's kind of a boring thing. To help with the production of the film, Portman provided screenwriter Aaron Sorkin an insight into Harvard. So, I talk to the people behind them to learn a bit more about that process. How’d you achieve that? It's showing the world that he's coming in. So, we kind of embraced those nuances to get us closer to what it is to be there, and found it through contrast, light choices, and lensing. There was a vicious circle to blame for the small proportion of women in technology, Zuckerberg said. AK: This movie being about an internet company, a lot of the scenes feature people on computers. How else do people commonly social network the wrong way? And our relationship is so good, and we always seem to come up with something new and original and push the boundaries. It was between me and Justin Timberlake for that part ... Obviously [Fincher’s] the man, but he was not having me. Sorkin revealed: "Natalie Portman got in touch with me when she heard that I was doing this to say, ‘Listen ... come over for dinner and I’ll tell you some stories.' Sat 8 Nov 2014 09.44 EST Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin's script drove the film's fast-paced drama (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty ... [+] Images). Filed Under: Content, Social Media, Social Networks Tagged With: audience, Content, digital marketing, facebook, Internet Advertising, online social networking, people, Social … The Social Network suggested that Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Eisenberg, only created Facebook to attract women following a breakup. You don't have so much change. And so, it's every bit as exciting, but it's thought provoking and you have to pay attention. Its workforce is 69% male, while the figure for Apple was 70%. The narratives we consume play an integral part in what we believe and how we see the world. Zuckerberg was also asked why Facebook users have been forced to install the Messenger app on their mobile devices. And Fincher hired a mime. So for me to photograph it, you always had to capture the performance in a way that supported that kind of dialogue and kept the tension increasing. Available for everyone, funded by readers. “Sometimes you're gonna step a little too far and then you have to go back and reanalyze and do it again. modern classics (Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images). The studio wanted me, I think, and then Justin Timberlake was amazing in it.”, New Car Gadget Magically Removes Scratches & Dents. “But there's so much room to create, improv, and find your voice within that kind of structure.”. first public Q&A session at Facebook’s Californian headquarters. October 1 marks 10 years since since 'The Social Network' premiered on the big screen. You can also find me on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. "He didn’t want us to meet the real people and come back saying, ‘No, no, they say it happened completely differently; we have to do it like this!’ ”.

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